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The boy gave me some anise seed, and told me to put it on the shoes of anybody I wanted trailed, and after they got out in the woods he would put the hounds on the trail, and the people would have to get up trees, or have their pants chewed, but the dogs would not hurt anybody. Well, it made me laugh to think about it.

Kadlu, Kotuko, Amoraq, and the boy-baby who kicked about in Amoraq's fur hood and chewed pieces of blubber all day, were as happy together as any family in the world. They came of a very gentle race an Inuit seldom loses his temper, and almost never strikes a child who did not know exactly what telling a real lie meant, still less how to steal.

There's not a more accomplished, cultured little woman this or the other side Boston, even if she did hail from Gold Run. And as for Gloria, all her doing; why," and he chuckled, "she hasn't the slightest idea, I suppose, that she ever had a grandfather who sweated and went about in shirt-sleeves and chewed tobacco and swore!" "Have to go all the way back to a grandfather?" laughed King.

"I'll eat them if I please, Felicity King," he said in a fury: "I don't believe they're poison. Look here!" Dan crammed the whole bunch into his capacious mouth and chewed it up. "They taste great," he said, smacking; and he ate two more clusters, regardless of our horror-stricken protestations and Felicity's pleadings. We feared that Dan would drop dead on the spot.

If Providence had made me graminivorous, I should have eaten grass; if ruminating, I should have chewed the cud; but as it has made me a carnivorous, culinary, and cachinnatory animal, I eat a cutlet, scold about the sauce, and laugh at you; and this is what you call being selfish!" It was late at noon when Maltravers found himself at the palazzo of Madame de Ventadour.

He "fixed" the Red Dog as one knowing the power of the master's eye to quell. Red's reply, unimaginably bold, was, as the Boy described it to the Colonel, "to give the other fella the curse." The Boy was proud of Red's pluck already looking upon him as his own but he jumped up from his ingratiating attitude, still grasping the dried fish. It would be a shame if that Leader got chewed up!

Read not to contradict nor to believe, but to weigh and consider. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested; that is, some are to be read only in parts, others to be read but curiously, and some few to be read wholly with diligence and attention.

"But " "So that," said Hoddan, "while your debt to me cannot and should not be overlooked, nevertheless" Hoddan put the roll into his mouth and spoke less clearly "you feel that you should give consideration to the claims of Walden to inquire into my actions while there." He chewed, and swallowed, and said gravely: "And can I make deathrays?" Don Loris brightened. He drew a deep breath of relief.

"I am not absolutely certain; so I won't say what I think it was, at the moment. Then he began to help me shed my saturated flannels, and he set a kettle on the fire, and so forth. You know the personal charm of the man? But there was an unpleasant sense of something what shall I say? sinister. Ferrara's ivory face was more pale than usual, and he conveyed the idea that he was chewed up exhausted.

She eyed him askance, and chewed upon a corner of her lip, and flipped the upturned hem of her riding skirt down over one spurred foot with a truly feminine instinct, before she answered him. She seemed to be thinking hard and fast, and she hesitated even while she spoke. Ford wondered at the latent antagonism in her manner.