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And again, as always when she sang, the fashion of her face was changed, and she became transfigured before his eyes. It was the same rhythmic prose of which she had been speaking, sung according to the mode in which the Gloria is chanted, and divided into bars of equal time. Brandon, as always, yielded to the spell of her song. To him it was an incantation.

And it brought him only increased bitterness. Gloria had said that she would die here rather than have him lead her to safety. Well, he did not blame her for that. Rather, he told himself grimly, he honoured her for it. And yet, now more than ever, his and his alone was the responsibility of seeing that she went clear of this wretched existence into which he had stubbornly led her.

Oh, the remembered glory of it, the clean, sweet freedom of it. "Now, folks, if you're ready. Stand side by side " "Oh!" cried Gloria. "Eh? What's that?" demanded the "judge." She tried to smile. "I I think " She saw Steve Jarrold leering. "The witness," she said wildly. "There is only one, and " "It's usual to have two, anyhow," admitted the "judge."

Gloria, glancing over his shoulder after one of their usual late breakfasts, saw him regarding it idly. "Why don't you try it?" she suggested. "Oh it's one of these crazy schemes." "It might not be. At least it'd be experience." At her urging he went at one o'clock to the appointed address, where he found himself one of a dense miscellany of men waiting in front of the door.

As he was attending the funeral in the Catholic burial-place, and stood with his wife and children listening to the service which the priest was reading, his heart filled with grief and his eyes moist with tears, the inscription on a gravestone just before him happened to attract his attention. It was this: "Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Rather well by sight and reputation, a good-for-nothin' scalawag, as Jim catalogued him, name of Steve Jarrold. The door closed after them and Jim went back to his bench. In the house they were waiting for Gloria.

Has B. finished the pianoforte arrangement? In that case I would ask him to let me have it later on, and at my next visit you will sing and represent the whole to me. I am hard at work at my Mass, of which the Kyrie and Gloria are already finished. Apart from this, I have to conduct many rehearsals.

And linen there is, as much as you can ask for. We are country people, Signora, but we are good people. I do not say that we are rich. One knows in Rome everything is beautiful. Even the chestnuts are of gold. Here, we are in the country, Signora. You will excuse, if anything is wanting." But Gloria was by no means inclined to find fault.

"I managed a little note to Mark," he said when she had buttoned the loose shirt again and he had sunk back, white and exhausted, among his pillows. "I stuck it inside the cloth. Lord, if I was only on my feet! But you'll do it for me, my girl? With never a hint to any one?" Gloria stooped and kissed him on the forehead. "I promise, papa," she said assuringly. "Unlock the door again, then.

There is also the left boot of Sor Ercole. If any one were to steal it, Sor Ercole would go upon one leg. Imagine the disgrace!" "I will stay here," said Gloria. "Do not be afraid." The cobbler, who was a strong old man, got hold of the trunk and shouldered it with ease. When he stood up, Gloria saw that he was bandy-legged and very short.

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