"What is it, Signor Dottore?" said one of the fishermen. "I've left something, but never mind. It does not matter." He rode on again. "It does not matter," he repeated. He was thinking of the English signora standing beside the bed in her wet skirts and holding the hand of the weeping boy. It was the first time in his life that he had ever sacrificed a good cigar.

If he had left it wholly in the hands of his nephew, and the other young men, it might have been the means of starting the Signora Lalli amiss on her Ravenna career in a manner he particularly wished to avoid.

Mr Slope having added to his person all such adornments as are possible to a clergyman making a morning visit, such as a clean neck tie, clean handkerchief, new gloves, and a soupcon of not necessary scent, called about three o'clock at the doctor's house. At about this hour the signora was almost always in the back drawing-room. The mother had not come down. The doctor was out or in his own room.

He was as active as a cat and did not know the meaning of fear for his own safety. He might Out of the darkness on the land beyond the wall, something came, the form of some one hurrying. "Gaspare!" The form stopped. "Gaspare!" "Signora! What are you doing here? Madonna!" "Gaspare, don't come this way! You are not to come this way." "Why are you here, signora?

You know it now, and I advise you to use it. Eleanor returned the pressure of the other's hand with an infinitesimal soupcon of a squeeze. 'And remember, said the signora, 'he is not like other men. You must not expect him to come to you with vows and oaths and pretty presents, to kneel at your feet, and kiss your shoe-strings.

He seized the net once more, but Gaspare, now clothed, took hold of him by the arm with a familiarity that had in it nothing disrespectful. "Signore, basta, basta! Giulio will go in now." "Si! si!" cried Giulio, beginning to tug at his waistcoat buttons. "Once more, Gaspare!" said Maurice. "Only once!" "But if you take cold, signorino, the signora " "I sha'n't catch cold. Only once!"

I dined the same day with M. Grimani, and I found myself seated next to Razetta an unpleasant neighbour, but I took no notice of him. When the meal was over, I paid a last visit to my beautiful house in Saint-Samuel's parish, and sent all I possessed in a gondola to my new lodging. I did not know Signora Tintoretta, but I was well acquainted with her reputation, character and manners.

"See whom?" said the bishop. "My child," said the mother. "What is the young lady's age?" asked the bishop. "She is just seven," said the signora. "Oh," said the bishop, shaking his head; "she is much too young very much too young." "But in sunny Italy, you know, we do not count by years," and the signora gave the bishop one of her very sweetest smiles.

"Lord Cardinal," said the beautiful Signora, earnestly, "I do not ask for mercy: such a word is not for the lips of one who demands justice. Nobly born I am ay, and from a stock to whose long descent from the patricians of ancient Rome the high line of Aragon itself would be of yesterday.

Signora Greville, nervous about infection, would not allow her younger children to go, for fear they might catch measles among the motley crowd, and the same cautious care was extended over the children of the other families, but Douglas and Aimée joined the expedition, and Ernesto and Vittore, somewhat to Everard's disgust, had a special holiday from Palermo in order to be present.