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One result of the confessed superiority of her opinion to mine is that I give way to it sometimes even when I am not quite convinced, but only helped by a little weak-minded reason of my own in the background. And one forgets them so soon! I envy Eleanor for having kept her childish diaries.

Suddenly she bent forward and put her hands on Eleanor's shoulders. "Eleanor, dear," she said, "will you let me adopt you as Lady Strangways has adopted Margaret? I would not make the offer, dear, if you had any relations of your own to go to.

You see, the girls at the high school where Eleanor was also a student considered her a genius, and it is agreeable for a community to have one genius in its midst. Eleanor did have talent for drawing, and besides she had a number of characteristics which many persons associate with genius.

"None, except for herself; and he is so fond of her that he will indulge her to his very last cent." "I thought he looked a little down as he passed us this morning." "Yes, he is beginning to realize that he has gone too far, and, poor fellow, it is tugging at him hard." Did she hear aright? Was it of her, Eleanor Woodruff, that they were talking?

Supposing that they had thus appeased the anger of the captain, they thronged, as usual, in great numbers about the vessel, to trade. Captain Metcalf, however, determined on a bloody revenge. The Eleanor mounted ten guns. All these he ordered to be loaded with musket-balls, nails, and pieces of old iron, and then fired them, and the small arms of the ship, among the natives.

Jeb stood by grinning widely at the praise bestowed upon him for his choice of the largest stone in the department store. "Cost some cash, that stone, eh Jeb?" chuckled Sam Brewster. "Bet chure life, Boss!" was Jeb's snappy reply. Eleanor now pulled Sary's head down in order to whisper into her ear. "Sary, when you get back to Pebbly Pit, Mrs.

Last night, when I was tired and willing to be flattered, she tried to make me believe it was not yet too late to learn." "Surely not," said Eleanor, gracefully. "But Goethe you remember he says that the desire to see Italy had become an illness with him. I know so well what that means. Cecily will never know; the happiness has come before longing for it had ceased to be a pleasure."

She had not cried out since the man seized her, but her face was contracted with pain. The robber was so fully occupied with holding her he was not looking at Eleanor, although his eyes slanted go curiously that he could apparently see on all sides of him. Eleanor made a quick rush forward. With a thud she fell to the floor, and lay stunned by the force of her fall.

Clement and Jack at different ages, and of "the dear boys" also. "All sorts of things!" as I exclaimed admiringly. But Eleanor threatened at last to fine me if I did not get dressed instead of staring about me, so we went down-stairs, and had breakfast with the dogs.

"Dora, my dear, this is Bessie's fellow-sufferer in the snowdrift; we must make much of her, for she is the daughter of my old friend, Eleanor Sartoris Mrs. Sefton now. Bessie has offered her her own room to-night, as it is too late for her to travel to London." A quick look passed between the husband and wife, and a faint color came to Mrs.