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Must you go, Bessie, dear? mamma will not be a bit nice to you." "I cannot help that; but I am as much to blame as your brother is, and I shall not leave him to bear the brunt of it all." And though Bessie looked a little pale as she said this, she carried out her resolve much to Mrs. Sefton's astonishment. Richard met her at once, and took her hand.

And even Paw Hoover, who had a good farm, was always saying how poor he was, and how he wished he could make more money." "I'll bet he was always buying new land, though," said Eleanor, looking wise. "Yes, he was," admitted Bessie. "He always said that if he could get enough land he'd be rich." "He probably had too much as it was, Bessie.

"I thought it was best to go. They told me that I wouldn't be taken back to Farmer Weeks, and that my father wanted me to go with them. They had a note from him, and he said he didn't quite understand but that he was sure Mr. Holmes was his friend, and would look after me properly. And they said Bessie would be in danger as long as I stayed with her. That is really why I went."

'Then if he's wanted 'Yes, yes, Leonora agreed. 'And tell him he's very kind. At midnight, Fred was reading in the drawing-room, the man in the house, the ultimate fount of security for seven women. Bessie, having refused positively to go to bed, slept in a chair in the kitchen, her heels touching the scrap of hearthrug which lay like a little island on the red tiles in front of the range.

Altogether, though her size was almost insignificant, she was a striking-looking person, with a face few men would easily forget. Before he had time to observe any more the two parties had met. "What on earth is the matter, Bessie?"

So, moving stealthily and as silently as a cat, she went around to that side of the house, and a moment later the strange, mournful call of a whip-poor-will sounded in the still night air. It was repeated two or three times, but there was no answer. Then Bessie changed her calling slightly. At first she had imitated the bird perfectly.

She felt that they would protect her and cover her movements, and she increased her pace, so that she could get nearer to Jake, and so run less risk of losing him in the crowd. No one paid any attention to her, and that seemed strange to Bessie, used to the curiosity of country folk regarding any stranger, although Zara, who knew more about city life, had told her that it would be so.

'There is something solid at the bottom in spite of all the effervescence, said Bessie. It was late in the year for a garden party, being on the 2d of October, but weather and other matters had caused delays, and the Indian summer had begun with warm sun and exquisite tints.

"You will remember our Sunday talk, Hatty, dear." "I do remember it," with a quivering lip, "and I am trying to march, Bessie." "All right, darling, and I shall soon be back, and we can keep step again.

Yes no yes! they are through! Bravo, Jem, bravo!" and Mrs. Grant clapped her hands excitedly. In spite of her uneasiness, it was impossible for Bessie not to become first interested and then absorbed in the game, and for a little while she forgot all about The Grange.

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