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An evil death on him and all his house!" "So long as you do not make me die, too!" exclaimed Sor Tommaso, with rather a pitying smile. "Eh! To die it is soon said! And yet, people do die. You, who are a doctor, should know that. And you do not wish to have said anything! Bravo, doctor! Words are words. And yet they can sting. And after a thousand years, they still sting.

And the quarrels between relations or connections were especially those which his experience of human nature told him brought risk upon all intermeddlers. But he saw that Jasper was desperate; that the rage of the bravo might be easily turned on himself; and therefore, since it was no use to argue, it would be discreet to dissimulate.

"A hundred rank and file eight non-commissioned officers two lieutenants one captain and one major." "Bravo, sergeant, you'll carry all before you." "Why, I hope so, Mistress Corbett, especially as we are to have the assistance of the cutter's crew." "Better and better still," replied Nancy, ironically. "I wish you joy of your laurels, sergeant, ha, ha, ha."

"Bravo! bravo! propose to her Granville propose! propose!" shouted two or three young and joyous voices, amid the loud clapping of hands; "but what do you mean by offering Langley so singular a bet?" "Ask himself," replied Captain Granville drily, "he knows the value of these things, if you do not. Besides we live in a country where most dealings are in produce.

In "The Bravo," for instance, the hero is the most pious of sons, the most faithful of friends, the most devoted of lovers. The part he has to play in the tale is to appear to be a cutthroat of the worst type, without doing a single thing to merit his reputation.

Something with a bit of a sermon in it to keep 'em up to the mark for the day. Bravo, Mariquita! you'll do it splendidly. That's settled, then. We shall have to work hard, for there is only a month before it must be sent off, and we must finish in good time. When you leave things to the last, something is bound to come in the way.

"Money! Gold! Bah! What money can a wounded soldier like your humble servant have amassed, with but his sword-hand left, which, being necessarily occupied, places not a finger at his command with which to scrape together the spoils of a routed enemy?" "No gold from him," said the magician. "His scars frank him." "Bravo, Monsieur le prophete! Bravissimo! Here I am.

Mind, not a soul is to enter the greenhouse. The parlors are at your service, but I will not have a regiment of wildcats tearing up and down my greenhouse and flower garden; mind that." He stepped into his buggy. "Bravo! I have won my wager, and got the party too! Hugh Cluis bet me a papier-mache writing-desk that you would not give me a party.

The bravo lingered a minute near the old man, who folded his arms on his naked breast, which was fanned by the sea-breeze, and disposed of his person to take his rest in the square, a practice not unusual among men of his class; but when he found that Antonio was inclined to be alone, he moved on, leaving the fisherman to himself.

'Noo, ar sharn't, replied George, stuffing his mouth full of preserved apricot. 'Why not? asked Miss Howard, 'Because because ar'll have somethin' younger, replied George. 'Bravo, young Chesterfield! exclaimed Miss Howard; adding, 'what it is to be thick with Lord John Manners! 'Ar'm not, growled the boy, amidst the mirth of the company.

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