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She spoke hurriedly, and, instead of stopping in the breakfast-room, wandered uncertainly through it into the greenhouse, to which it gave access by means of a French window. In the dark, confined space, amid the close-packed blossoms, they stood together. She bent down to smell at a musk-plant. He took her hand and drew her soft and yielding form towards him and kissed her warm face.

The sick person can see what is going on inside right through the glass without having to raise her head." "How often do you water it?" "Only once or twice a week, because the moisture collects on the upper glass of the little greenhouse and falls down again on the plants and keeps them, wet." "We'll keep our eyes open every time we come here," promised Dorothy.

Plants of this species have been grown with stems 20 in. high; but it takes a great number of years for the development of such specimens. The flowers are produced on the apex of the stem in July. This species was introduced from Mexico about 1850; it thrives only when grown in a warm greenhouse, where the temperature in summer may be allowed to run up to 90 degs. with sun heat.

The gardener was urging upon the Association the usefulness and profitableness of the growth and sale of garden and greenhouse plants and flowers; the great benefit they would be in adding attractiveness to the place, and also the importance of starting plants so that they might be growing into sizable shrubs, to return an early profit for their outlay.

It increased my sufferings greatly to see the pats she gave him for punishment on the bridge of his blunt nose, while he winked his eyes, and licked her hand, and still growled within himself like a little double-bass. At length he was quiet well he might be with her dimpled chin upon his head! and we walked away to look at a greenhouse.

"Monseigneur," said she, "they say your highness is fond of flowers; if you will come with me, I will show you the most beautiful in Anjou." The duke offered her his hand. "Where are you about to take monseigneur?" asked Monsoreau uneasily. "Into the greenhouse." "Ah! well, carry me there." "Ma foi!" thought Remy, "I was right not to kill him, for he will soon kill himself."

She knew that Dr Levitt called on the Hopes full as often as at any house in Deerbrook; and that Mrs Levitt had offered to take some of Margaret's plants into her greenhouse, to be nursed through the winter.

"Eh, but surely this will be something like the happy land you were singin' aboot," Geordie said at last, with a long-drawn breath, after he had wandered about in silence for some time, revelling in the exotic delights of the first greenhouse he had ever seen.

She skipped a stanza that she knew was hopelessly beyond her, and tried again: "The dusk of the greenhouse is luminous yet With quivers of opal and tremors of gold; For the sun is at rest, and the light from the west, Like delicate wine that is mellow and old,

That is the use of the things that are seen and temporal; they are like greenhouses built for the great Gardener's use in striking and furthering the growth of His plants; and when He has got the plants He has got what He wanted, and you may pull the greenhouse down if you like.

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