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"She did talk of it," Mrs. Browne replied, uneasily for she detected disapprobation of her guest in Miss McPherson's tone. "I think she would of went, but it seemed a pity not to see a little of America first. She will not stay long, and I hope you'll call soon. I b'lieve you have never been in my new house." "No, I have not.

Yet for half an hour the lone horseman sat there like a statue, and if he resented their coming or saw the dust of other bands behind, he made no sign. Even when the guard of men passed beneath him, craning their necks uneasily, he still remained silent and immobile, like a man who has councils of his own or leads a force behind.

"Have you any remarks to make, Miss Frome?" he asked. "Oh, I've made it," returned the girl unabashed. She turned to James and shook hands with him. "How do you do, Mr. Farnum? I see you are going to be tied to Uncle Joe's kite, too." Was there in her voice just a hint of scorn? James did not know. He laughed a little uneasily. "Shall I be swallowed up alive, Miss Frome?"

He had never known a Class Six. Even the lowest crewman on the Naipor was a Five. Uneasily, The Guesser climbed out of the bed. He was wearing a sack-like gray dress that fell almost to his knees, and nothing else. He walked on silent bare feet to the door. He could hear nothing beyond it, so he twisted the handle carefully and eased it open a crack. And immediately he heard low voices.

But when he broke the flap of it Big Louie, who lingered uneasily in the open doorway even Big Louie, whose wits were not particularly keen knew from the expression which passed over his superior's face that this heavy envelope which he had brought had not contained good news. The quick contraction of muscles which tightened his jaw was too much like a spasm of pain.

Ned followed him into two saloons and saw the bartenders refuse him credit. He walked through the door of the last saloon, his legs trembling and his white lips twitching, stopped and leaned against the wall of the little bookstore on the corner, the flickering street lamp showing dimly his ghastly face and eyes. Ned glanced uneasily behind him to see that he had not been followed.

There may be some notes stowed away, though it is likely enough that they have been sent away by post to some receiver abroad." For some time after starting they could hear the prisoner moving about uneasily in the straw. "I suppose there is no fear of his slipping out of those handcuffs, Chester?" "Not a bit; they are full tight for him. I expect that that is what is making him uncomfortable."

May you prove more successful in your enterprise than those who have preceded you." "The adventure appears to be tending in unforeseen directions," said Chang Tao uneasily. "Your felicitation, benign, though doubtless gold at heart, is set in a doubtful frame." "It is for your stalwart endeavour to assure a happy picture," replied Shen Yi, with undisturbed cordiality. "You bear a sword."

It's to me that it makes the difference. I must be honest with you. It's not that I'm afraid. It is I think that I'm disgusted." He lowered his eyes and moved from her uneasily. "I was horrified enough when I first knew of it, as you know. You know, too, that I forgave you, and that I forgot. That was because I didn't realise it. I didn't know what it was. I couldn't before I had seen her.

Some time during the early part of the night I wakened, and, after turning and twisting uneasily, I realized that I was cold. The couch in Bella's dressing room was comfortable enough, but narrow and low. In the luxury of its warmth I snuggled down and went to sleep almost instantly. It seemed to me I had slept for hours, but it was probably an hour or less, when something roused me.

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