"I shall take it as a favor if you will let Philip know that I did not willingly leave him without a word. It would hurt him to think that." "The wounds of earth," the Father Superior said gravely, "are the joys of heaven." Maurice stood an instant with a keen desire to reply, to break down this icy statue of religion; then he drew back. "I will not trouble you longer," he said. "Good-by."

Billing, "to find that you've no statue erected to the memory of the General. I'd have thought " "The matter is under discussion," said Dr. O'Grady. "Our Urban District Council is alive to its duty in the matter. At the last meeting let me see now, was it the last meeting? Gallagher! Thady Gallagher! Come here for a minute."

After a moment he said: "Now Dave's project is running in good shape, there isn't much left for me to do, my, no, except see the statue set up in the park." "I wanted to ask you about that, Mr. Banks; we passed the place on the way to the bungalow. It was beautiful. I presume you have selected a woman's figure a lovely Ceres or Aphrodite?" "No, ma'am," responded Banks a little sharply.

A statue of Hercules was found on the scite of the palace, and buried by Pope Urban, that the figure of a Heathen Deity might not disgrace a papal town. The cathedral still retains many of its ancient decorations, and amongst these, the monument of Pope John, who died in the year 1384.

"So nimble Mercury was free. When the child was a few months older, Apollo chose him for his messenger. He gave him a cap with wings at either side, and winged sandals. In his hands he always carried a winged wand with two serpents crossed and recrossed upon it. You have surely seen his picture, Ethel?" "Oh, yes. Down at the art store there is a little statue of him.

All traffic finally ceased, the entire neighborhood was massed and clotted with waiting humanity; then, as the hour struck, a running salvo of applause came from the galleries and a cheer from the street when a handful of men was seen crowding its way up to the base of the statue.

Soon afterwards, it declared that the House of Lords was useless and dangerous, and ought to be abolished; and directed that the late King's statue should be taken down from the Royal Exchange in the City and other public places. It consisted of forty-one members, of whom five were peers. Bradshaw was made president.

The laurel was not yet for triumphs born, But every green, alike by Phoebus worn, Did, with promiscuous grace, his flowing locks adorn. Metamorphoses. Trans. by DRYDEN. The victory of Apollo over the Python is represented by a statue called Apollo Belvedere, perhaps the greatest existing work of ancient art.

I am not blind to the popularity, world-wide, of the Telegraph, and a sober forecast of the future foreshadows such a statue in some place. If ever erected I hope the prominent mottoes upon the pedestal will be: 'Not unto us, not unto us, but to God be the glory, and the first message or telegram: 'What hath GOD wrought."

Then I looked down at the water immediately beneath me, and knew that New York was a real city. All kinds of refuse went floating by: bits of wood, straw from barges, bottles, boxes, paper, occasionally a dead cat or dog, hideously bladder-like, its four paws stiff and indignant towards heaven. This analysis of fairyland turned me towards the statue of Liberty, already passed and growing distant.