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They made out a long, low building on the southern slope of a small hill. It was built in modern bungalow fashion, having been erected by Mr. Endicott after the original log dwelling had been destroyed by fire. It was divided into a sitting-room fifteen feet by twenty-five, an office, a good-sized dining-hall, a kitchen, and eight bedrooms, and a bath.

For here on the "Java," we see such interesting scenes; and our up-river boat ought to be here immediately, and to shift our belongings along the shore some thirty yards on to her, will be much less trouble than flitting to our friends' bungalow; so we go on drawing here. The Phryne in hunting green is down again, languorously dropping her green kirtle.

He was to be at a certain point below the wharves that evening, and the Lady Helen was to send a boat in to pick him up." "I understand," said Coryndon, "the warrant was issued about noon the same day?" "As far as I know, Joicey gave information against him just about then, but he had already left the bungalow.

Let's see then I was "boarded" at Millbank and got three months' leave; then I did a month in the Little Johns' bungalow in Cornwall. There I got the letter from Dicky Allerton, who, before the war, had been in partnership with my brother Francis in the motor business at Coventry.

Lady Deppingham and Browne came upon the Princess quite unexpectedly. She was in the upper gallery, leaning against the stone rail and gazing steadily through the field glasses in the direction of the bungalow. They held back and watched her, unseen.

A month after the first stone had been laid, Stafford paid a visit of inspection in company with the Rajah and Travers. On his way back be passed the Carys' bungalow, and seeing Beatrice on the verandah, he had ridden up, as he said, to make his salaams. Very little persuasion tempted him into the cool, shady drawing-room.

Oh! If Uncle Wiggily had known what was in store for him, I think he would have stayed in his hollow stump bungalow. But never mind, I'll make it all come out right in the end, you see if I don't. I don't know just how I'm going to do it, yet, but I'll find a way, never fear.

The bungalow delighted Sinfi. 'It's just like a great livin'-waggin, only more comfortable, said she. We spent the entire morning and afternoon there, and much of the next two days. It certainly seemed to me that her mere presence was an immense stimulus to memory in vitalising its one image. 'What's the use o' us a-keepin' a-talkin' about Winnie? Sinfi said to me one day.

They placed me on a charpoi, or native bed, and carried me to my bungalow three miles away. Express messengers were at once despatched through the jungle and across the hills to Mandla, sixty miles away, for a doctor, who arrived on the fourth day after the accident. Meanwhile, all that could be done was done, and my wounds, of which there were fourteen, were dressed. Our good Dr.

And, finally, such semi-civilised life abounds in a weary ceremoniousness. It is highly improper to smoke outside your bungalow. You shall pay your visits at 11 A.M., when the glass stands at 120o. You shall be generally shunned if you omit your waistcoat, no matter what the weather be.