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Allie agreed to use all her powers of persuasion to prevail upon their mother to influence their father not to take them from Rochester. It was at one of these little indignation meetings they had given expression to the speeches which had been reported to their mother by Mamie.

In short, she had such a bewitching eloquence, and so great a power of persuasion that there was no concealing anything from her. So I resolved to unbosom myself to her.

"I had hoped," she said, "that Lady Drew would have done something for him " She stopped. "In what way?" said my uncle. "She might have spoken to some one, got him into something perhaps...." She had the servant's invincible persuasion that all good things are done by patronage. "He is not the sort of boy for whom things are done," she added, dismissing these dreams.

It took no little power of persuasion on the part of Charlie Bowen, to bring his friend to the point of accepting the committee's offer, even when it was endorsed by the entire Young People's Society, and a large part of the congregation.

They told her the maid had departed instantly on being dismissed, and had gone upwards of an hour. Then she ordered them to go and search for her in all the neighbourhood, at every house, and when they had found her to bring her back by persuasion or by force.

Let them go with the princess: who knows but our sorrow may be lessened?" After some persuasion the king consented, though all his councillors advised the contrary. So the two silent maids, the discreet chamberlain, and her fawn, which would not stay behind, were sent with Princess Maybloom, and they all set out after dinner. Fairyfoot had hard work guiding them along the track of the ground-ivy.

Hector vociferously seconded the motion, but the fellow and the master of arts cunningly endeavoured to keep them quiet, first by persuasion, and, when that was ineffectual, by affirming the students they proposed to attack sported oak: in plain English, barred up their doors.

Morton was able, however, after some persuasion, to induce the young men to depart; and as his home lay in a direction opposite to theirs, he said to Mr. Stevens, "Come on, old fellow, I'll protect you." As soon as they were out of hearing of the others, Mr. Stevens exclaimed, "Don't you know me, Morton?" Mr.

But as to Marcus Cethegus, whom Ennius rightly called the "marrow of persuasion," with what great zeal did we see him engage in the practise of oratory, even when an old man! What pleasures, therefore, arising from banquets, or plays, or harlots, are to be compared with these pleasures?

"It is but too true," answered Jean; "we then availed ourselves of the moment when they advanced under the persuasion that they were to become our friends, and opened on them a tremendous fire, by which we covered the place with dead and dying.