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Without hearing Hierax to the end Cleopatra flew towards the door, but Euergetes barred her way and gave his orders with that decision which characterized him, and which forbade all contradiction: "You will remain here till I myself conduct you to him. I wish to have you both near me." "So that you may force us by every torment to resign the throne!" cried Cleopatra.

There was a sudden change of tone to the warmest concern, for Sir Adrian had staggered and would have fallen had not Jack, as nimbly as his fetters would allow him, sprung to support him and conduct him to the bed. A shaft of light struck through the tiny barred window on to the elder man's face, and showed it against the surrounding darkness deathly white and wet with anguish.

As we rounded a mountain spur that extended a long way out into the lake, a deep bay opened to us; which bay ran close in to the cliffs whereby the valley was surrounded, and was at no great distance from the Barred Pass, through which we had made our entry.

The most striking object on entering is a lofty and vast fireplace built on the antique model, of red brick, with two stone benches opposite one another beneath the chimney, and the singer's coat of arms an enormous lyre barred with a roll of music carved on the monumental pediment.

We both can get away. You'll be rich for life. Do you understand for life!" But the detective, to his credit, only shut his lips the tighter. "That's enough," he whispered, in return. "That's more than I expected. You've sentenced yourself already. Come!" Two officers in uniform barred their exit at the door, but Hefflefinger smiled easily and showed his badge.

But a time had now arrived when these causes were no longer to operate; the line of demarcation which had so long separated North and South was to be crossed; the flood-gates were to be opened, and the stream of northern emigration was to pour itself in a resistless torrent over the fair and fertile regions from which it had hitherto been barred out.

Helena. Savary and L'Allemand were among the few persons omitted by name in King Louis's amnesty on his second restoration, and they were extremely alarmed when they found that the retreat of St. Helena was barred on them by the English government.

If Semper Fidelis, or some of the girls, were to put on a play for our own amusement, then I could take part, but in regular college plays professionals are barred here at Overton. It is practically the same rule that applies to college sports." "Oh, that is too bad! But it wouldn't hinder you from writing one, would it?" "I couldn't write a play.

The shutters of all the windows were never more carefully barred than before the three inmates retired to their beds. Tom Gordon, being a rugged, healthy boy, generally passed the night in refreshing slumber. Not a trace of the ague which kept him from the circus showed itself in his system when he went up-stairs to his room; but, somehow or other, after he lay down he could not sleep.

Brown saw that the chest was barred and clamped with iron, strengthened with iron plates and studded with iron nails, so as to be a fit receptacle in which the wealth of one century might be hoarded up for the wants of another. Peter Goldthwaite was inserting a key into the lock. "O Tabitha!" cried he, with tremulous rapture, "how shall I endure the effulgence? The gold! the bright, bright gold!

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