If Mr Haredale wins, depend upon it, it'll be a deep one; or if he loses, it will perhaps be deeper still, for he'll never give in unless he's beaten down. We know him better, eh? 'Better indeed! they whispered all together. 'As to its ever being got out again, said Solomon, 'I tell you it never will, or can be.

There they may weave and stitch as much as you like; but as man and wife no one shall part us, and we will lead a life such a life! The joys of Paradise shall be no better than a rap on the skull with an olive-wood log in comparison!" He tried to take her hand again, but she drew it away, saying in deep confusion and without looking up: "No, Rustem.

That bright afternoon the Louvre picture galleries were steeped in warm and dignified quietude, which one particularly noticed on coming from the tumult and scramble of the streets. The majority of the few people one found there were copyists working in deep silence, which only the wandering footsteps of an occasional tourist disturbed.

'My client's claim, the attorney answered with a sorrowful look. 'Yes, my lord, I am. For an instant there was profound silence in the room; the astonishment was as deep as it was general. At last, 'are the papers which were submitted to Mr. Dagge are they forgeries then? the Earl asked. 'No, my lord; the papers are genuine, the attorney answered.

A dollar and a half a night, eight till three; is it a bargain?" Von Barwig paused, then drew a long deep breath and nodded affirmatively. "You'll be fine fine," said he of the big voice. "I can see it in your eye; you ain't one of them smart felleys." He grabbed the hand of his new attraction and shook it heartily. "Say, George," he roared, "come here! This is the new night professor."

A particularly deep impression was made upon us by a tall man with a big blond beard, whose name I have forgotten, but whom we generally met at the sculptor Streichenberg's when he took us with him in our play hours into his great workshop.

I thought the world was once all peopled with princesses, And my heart would beat to hear their loves and their distresses; And many a quiet night, in slumber sweet and deep, The pretty fairy people would visit me in sleep.

Meanwhile, the Student continued his path along the water side, and as, with his gliding step and musing air, he roamed onward, it was impossible to imagine a form more suited to the deep tranquillity of the scene.

It appears that she also could get out of her body when she felt inclined, but she did it once too often, and couldn't get back in time, so they buried her, at least they buried one of her bodies; as far as I can make out she had two." "And you think that improbable?" questioned the stranger calmly. Her beautiful deep eyes were looking straight into the flushed excited face beside her.

To reach the Free States by travelling by night and lying by during the day, from a State so far south as Mississippi, no one would think for a moment of attempting to escape. To remain in the city would be a suicidal step. The deep sound of the escape of steam from a boat, which was at that moment ascending the river, broke upon the ears of the slave.