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Having dropped the latter overboard again, the captain and the sailor returned to the ship and the boat was hoisted in. Almost immediately the hawser tautened, and the Elba, though not a stitch of canvas had been set, sped off in an easterly direction at a speed that could not have been less than ten knots an hour.

All these were on the frame even, or on the material stretched therein, which was protected by a thick brown paper. She had threaded a needle with the gold thread. But at the first stitch it broke, and she was obliged to thread it again, breaking off tiny bits of the gold, which she threw immediately into the pasteboard waste-basket which was near her.

"Yes, he got Tim his place; but you must remember Mr. Weston has hardly been in New York a day since the boy left. He doesn't bother much about business, so, after all, Tim is working his way alone." "Yes," said Mary. She had missed a stitch somewhere, and it irritated her greatly. That was evident by the way she picked at it.

In the morning he said his prayers, and sat down to work, when, to his great wonder, there stood the shoes, already made, upon the table. The good man knew not what to say or think. He looked at the work. There was not one false stitch in the whole job. All was neat and true.

At my home Aunt Carter appeared one day, and said she had "come to spend the afternoon and stay to tea"; and she seated her amplitude of being in Saul's favorite chair, and began to count the stitches in the heel of the twenty-fourth stocking that she assured me "she had knit every stitch of since the night she saw my husband lift me down at the gate just outside the window."

So don't do it to this poor fellow, I entreat. Try once, now, how it goes not to do it." "What do you say to the youngster, old man?" said Thrummings, holding up his lantern into his comrade's wrinkled face, as if deciphering some ancient parchment. "I'm agin all innowations," said Ringrope; "it's a good old fashion, that last stitch; it keeps 'em snug, d'ye see, youngster.

You never look at them, do you?" John laughed. "It is not worth while except to see how to surmount them." "I wish you could be idle just for an hour," said Reginald peevishly, "you make me nervous." John took another stitch in the halter he was mending. "Old Father Time's spoiling tooth is never still, Rege. I have to work to keep pace with it."

"'I can't find a stitch in the house, said he, turning to his neighbour. 'I wish ye'd bring me some clothes. "The caller made no reply, but came away smiling, and told of Brown's dilemma. "'It's good for him, said the neighbour's wife. 'Don't ye take him any clothes. He's bullied three wives to death, an' now I'm glad he's got a wife that can bully him.

He hadn't a stitch o' clothes on, and his skin shone like a babby's. Look young? Why the only thing I knew about 'im was his voice! And he came a-bounding over the rocks as if he was made of injy-rubber. And his face was all a-shinin' it made me think o' pictures o' hangels to see him. "'Jim! Jim! he sings out; half a-laughing and 'alf sobbing, 'it's true! it's true! look at me I'm young agin!

Why I can mind the time, no more agone than last Sunday, when you used to lie here in the hollow of my arm, without a stitch of clothes on, and kind people was tempted to smack you in pleasure, because you did stick out so prettily. For a better-formed baby there never was seen, nor a finer-tempered one, when he had his way.