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But before I could press the trigger, from somewhere down the starlit deck an electro beam hit me. The little rifle exploded, broke its breech. I sank back to the floor, tingling from the shock of the hostile current. My hands were blackened from the exploded powder. Carter seized me. "No use. Hurt?" "No." The stars through the dome windows were swinging.

He appreciated at a glance that something unusual had occurred. He bowed Trusia to a seat, directing a well-defined look of inquiry toward Carter. The latter merely shrugged his shoulders, implying that it was not his affair. Sobieska consulted his watch, which lay on the table beside him, while he turned sternly to Johann.

They were ferried across by a loyal peasant and landed on Austrian soil without hostile interruption. While the journey from Vienna to Paris was destined to be without particular incident, it furnished the opportunity for a fuller acquaintance and understanding between Carter and Sobieska.

Harriet looked at the two words that stood for Richard Carter, and her heart beat thickly. "I can't keep this up!" she told herself, playing games with little convalescent Pip, walking over frozen roads with the girls, reading under the evening lamp. "I can't keep this up! Twenty- seven, and a governess, and in love with a married man who does not know I am alive!" summarized Harriet, bitterly.

Masie laughed musically. "Oh, gee, no!" she said, emphatically. "If you could see our flat once! There's five of us in three rooms. I'd just like to see ma's face if I was to bring a gentleman friend there!" "Anywhere, then," said the enamored Carter, "that will be convenient to you."

On demand I promise to pay Ann Carter the sum of six hundred dollars, value received, with interest at the rate of six per cent, from January 1st. Payable as soon as possible. I looked to see what effect this unexpected influx of wealth would produce on the dear lady; but the trustful smile never wavered.

Would you taste the whip?" "Better that than the noose he planned for me," sulkily retorted the peasant. "You had better be precise," said Sobieska. "Well, if you will have it, I'll tell you," the man answered. Emboldened by an encouraging murmur from Josef he continued. Carter held up his hand. "Wait a moment," he exclaimed as he turned appealingly to Trusia.

"He held out his hand as I searched for the letter in my pocket-book. What a greedy, inquisitive-looking palm it seemed! and how I hated Mr. Henry Carter, detective officer, at that particular moment! "I gave him the letter; and I did not groan aloud as I handed it to him.

Uncle had a right to do what he pleased with his own." "Shall you go to the funeral, mother?" "I don't see how I can," said Mrs. Carter, slowly. "It is twenty miles off, and I am very busy just now. Still one of us ought to go, if only to show respect to so near a relation. People would talk if we didn't. I think, as you were named for your Uncle Herbert, I will let you go."

Carter didn't know what to do next, remain in the cabin or leave that unsupported strong man to himself. With a shyness completely foreign to his character and which he could not understand himself, he suggested in an engaging murmur and with an embarrassed assumption of his right to give advice: "Why not lie down for a bit, sir? I can attend to anything that may turn up. You seem done up, sir."

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