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She can readily pass her heels over the keys to produce different notes. She is thus able to make sounds on the accordeon that approximate to the very simple tune of "Bounding Billows," and that is the extent of her musical ability when only using her "pedals."

Certain it is that this match did not produce that serene state we have mentioned above, but resembled the most turbulent and ruffled, rather than the most calm sea. I cannot here omit a conjecture, ingenious enough, of a friend of mine, who had a long intimacy in the Wild family.

He frequently treated of moral subjects; and he brought to those subjects that spirit which was the essence of his whole system. He has left us many admirable practicable observations on what he somewhat quaintly called the Georgics of the mind, on the mental culture which tends to produce good dispositions.

Rather, I take the opposite extreme, and produce a rose this time which has but five petals, and one or two sprays of rudimentary foliage. Somehow the result is better, and it has only taken me a tenth part of the time to produce.

If any one can produce scripture authority where a trump is to sound at the close of his reign, or at the end of time, or even produce testimony to prove the end of time, I will publicly and gratefully acknowledge the favor.

Here Giaffar interfered, and submitted to the caliph, whether it would not be better that the head-jailer should produce them, which being ordered, that officer presently made his appearance with the four criminals pinioned and bareheaded.

On this side the country was perfectly open, and the villagers brought in eggs and other produce to the camp. Upon the 25th of August the enemy had sent a force of six thousand men to intercept the heavy siege train which was on its way to the British camp from the Punjaub.

This last statement is confirmed by some remarks of Moscheles which have already been quoted namely, that Chopin's piano was breathed forth so softly that he required no vigorous forte to produce the desired contrasts; and that one did not miss the orchestral effects which the German school demanded from a pianist, but allowed one's self to be carried away as by a singer who takes little heed of the accompaniment and follows his own feelings.

The first species of evidence, which I shall produce to this point, may be found in the following facts, which reach from the year 169 to the year 198, Avidius Crassus had rebelled against the emperor Verus, and was slain in a short time afterwards. Clodius Albinus in one part of the world, and Pescenninus Niger in another, rebelled against the emperor Severus, and both were slain likewise.

The inconsistency of mental operations which characterize dementia præcox, however thesplittingtendency which Bleuler has emphasized in his termschizophreniais just that added factor which may produce disproportionate developments of the various stupor symptoms in the dementia præcox type of that reaction. Examples of this have been given in the two cases just quoted.

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