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Do you appeal to, depend on, refer to music in this present case?” asked the Goose Man, his good-natured look becoming more or less disdainful. “In music every creation is more closely related to an unconditional exterior than is true of anything else that man gives to man,” answered Daniel. “The musical genius stands nearer God than any other genius.”

Appointments should be made on the individual responsibility of the chairman of the body, let him be called mayor, chairman of Quarter Sessions, or by whatever other title.

Which Mr. Gartney did, wondering, vaguely, in the instant required for his transit to the apartment, whether bandit or lunatic might await his offices. All happened in a moment; and in that moment, the minister's fugitive senses began to return. "Lie quiet, a minute. Faith, get a glass of wine, or a little brandy." Faith quickly brought both; and Mr.

"You have now to believe her, that I am subject to fits of insanity, or to believe me, that there is nothing she will not do to get her way." "Her object is clear," I replied. "But if she thinks to fool my uncle, she will find herself mistaken!" "She hopes to fool both you and your uncle," he rejoined.

Sure she's afther flailing the cook out o' the kitchen and Tom Corbet the butler has one of his ears, he says, hangin' off him as long as a blood-hound's." "Speak easy," said Doaker, in a voice of terror, "speak lower, or she may hear you Isn't it strange," he said to himself, "that I who never feared God or man, should quail before this Jezabel!"

Four times a year the youth of a certain district meet to show their proficiency in running and leaping, and other feats of strength and agility; where the victor is rewarded with a song in his or her praise.

As to our dear friend, I have already spoken of the influence which he exercised on all around him, on friends or strangers with whom he was connected in any way. Here was a large field for his active goodness, on which he did not neglect to exert himself. He gave others without grudging his thoughts, time, and trouble. He was their support and stay.

Our clock struck the quarter to whilst we looked at them comin' down the street." "At them or at him?" "At him, I mean." "Can't stick to his own story," Olson grunted. "A slip of the tongue. I meant him." "And Jack and the lady were three or four minutes behind him?" Kirby reiterated. "Yes." "Was your clock exactly right?" "May be five minutes fast. It gains."

A feeling had been growing on him that anything short of meanness or wrongdoing was not worth being mortified about; he felt calm even at a public exhibition of the buttons, he was so disturbed by the discovery of the unworthy motive which had supported him in making a show of himself.

The Secret I have been away from my books lately, in a land of downs and valleys; I have walked much alone, or with a silent companion that greatest of all luxuries. And, as is always the case when I get out of the reach of books, I feel that I read a great deal too much, and do not meditate enough.

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