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Arthur, not much older than Ruth, was of medium height, slender, restless, dark, and eager of glance and speech. Leonard was nearer the age of Godfrey; fairer than Arthur, of a quieter eye, tall, broad-shouldered, powerful, lithe, and almost tamely placid. Mrs. Morris met them with animation. "Have our churchwarden and our rector been having another of their long talks?"

Sometimes I did not see him for several days; and often when we were together he was so abstracted he did not seem aware I was present. Whenever I could get him to speak of himself, he would dilate on the unspeakable felicity that he felt in drawing nearer to the end of his work.

"There can be no doubt of it, but why should it follow us in this manner? You do think it's following us, don't you, John?" "It begins to look like it, Phil. It's rising a little now, and is directly in our wake." "Take a long look through those glasses of yours." John obeyed, and the following aeroplane at once increased in size tenfold and came much nearer. "It's French.

I have been all day at the garden wall, waiting to see her again! It depends on Miss Haldane to make me the happiest or the wretchedest man living. 'You foolish boy! How can you talk such nonsense? He was talking nonsense undoubtedly. But, if Agnes had only known it, he was doing something more than that. He was innocently leading her another stage nearer on the way to Venice.

In the dead of night the sound of clanking chains would be heard, distant at first, proceeding doubtless from the garden behind or the inner court of the house, then gradually drawing nearer and nearer, till at last there appeared the figure of an old man with a long beard, thin and emaciated, with chains on his hands and feet.

"Sergeant!" she said, speaking almost in a whisper, "Oh Sergeant won't you take it?" The heavy sabre thudded down into the grass, and he took a sudden step towards her. But, even now, he hesitated, until, coming nearer yet, he could look down into her eyes. Then he spoke, and his voice was very hoarse, and uneven: "Miss Priscilla?" he said, "Priscilla? Oh, Priscilla!"

Keith bent nearer, as for more detailed examination, retaining hold upon her elbow. His face was tantalisingly close to hers, and Jenny involuntarily turned her head away, not coquettishly, but through embarrassment at a mingling of desire and timidity. "Is that the word?" he asked. "You look all right, my dear." My dear!

"And it will soon be dark," the boy said to himself, "and then I can go back and find mother and father." Just then he heard shouts again, and he shrank back beneath the bushes, to listen, not understanding a word; but the voices came nearer and nearer and Dick's heart sank, for there was a shout and two men ran up to within a dozen yards of where the boy lay.

Far off, something like a long jointed bug with a single glaring light in its head was crawling toward them. It drew nearer. Jack Odin saw that it was no more than a huge caterpillar tractor with several cars attached, armored and sheathed with sort of a bellows-type connection at each joint. As it neared the Nebula, it played its light around so that Odin got his first glimpse of the moon.

The true Amphibia are nearer to the Dipneusta and the fishes; they are also much older than the reptiles. It is probable that the Amphibia were evolved even earlier during the Devonian period from the Dipneusta.