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"I wouldn't give offense for the world." "Look at me," said Mollie, impetuously "look me in the face, Susan Sharpe, and tell me if I look like one insane!" Mrs. Sharpe turned the mild light of the green glasses on the pale, excited young face. "No, miss, I can't say you do; but it isn't for me to judge. I'm a poor woman, trying to turn an honest penny "

Take, for instance, those stenographers in your hotel. That Miss Blaine she's as pretty as " Crash! There was a blow of a heavy fist falling on the table. The dishes danced, glasses fell in splinters on to the floor. Hadley, startled, turned round.

"Come, doctor, let you and I hob and nob," said the first-lieutenant. They did so, and clicked their glasses together with such force as to break them both, and spill the wine upon the fine damask table-cloth.

A great table, at one end of which was a tray with glasses and a water-bottle, occupied the middle of the floor; nearer the fireplace was a small writing-desk. For pictures little space could be found; but over the mantelpiece hung a fine water-colour, the flood of Tigris and the roofs of Bagdad burning in golden sunset.

'Pray, steward, whose clothes has this gentleman put on? 'Mr. Mr. Ossulton's, I think sir my lord, I mean. 'Very well, steward; then recollect in future you always address that gentleman as Mr. Ossulton. 'Yes, my lord, and the steward went down below, and was obliged to take a couple of glasses of brandy to keep himself from fainting. 'Who are they, and what are they, Mr.

When we once become convinced who you are, and your motive for this crime, then we will know how to proceed against you. In the first place, I order you to remove both the wig and glasses which we have discovered that you are wearing. Your identity is the first step in this matter." Like a flash Dorothy flung herself at Jack Garner's feet.

It is so much easier to be a hero in a single fight than a model soldier through an entire season at least it was so in the old days. But the moment Mr. Field dismounted and, leaving his horse with the others along the slope, had gone crouching to the crest, he levelled his glasses for one look, then turned excitedly and began rapid signals to his followers.

You've had a quarrel; that's all." "I'll wind up by doing something desperate. Take my word for it," muttered Leandro. Neither spoke. They entered La Corrala, climbed up the stairways and walked into Leandro's house. They brought out supper, but Leandro didn't eat; he drank three glasses of water in succession and went out to the gallery.

Behind the counter, walled in by a rampart of dress-shirts, they conjured with bottles, glasses, and taps, heard and answered ten men at once, reckoned change by a magic beyond arithmetic, peered between shoulders to catch the orders of their particular friends, and at the same time acquired detailed information as to the progress of the opera.

Scarcely had I uttered these words when the stranger laid his hand, with seeming carelessness, upon the table, near one of the glasses; after a moment or two he touched the glass with his finger as if inadvertently, then, glancing furtively at me, he withdrew his hand and looked towards the window. 'Are you from these parts? said I at last, with apparent carelessness.