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Yes, she smiled and nodded assuringly. With trembling fingers he withdrew the jewel, kissed the outreached hand, stammered his thanks, and, hardly waiting till she had remounted her pedestal, ran from the church.

I only ask the question, because I may be obliged to leave these lodgings rather sooner than I anticipated. Is the money right?" "Quite right, ma'am. Here is your receipt." "Thank you. Don't forget to send Louisa to me as soon as she has done her tea." The landlady withdrew.

Philip was conscious of something in his companion's eyes which almost horrified him. It was just that gleam of hungry desire which has starvation for its background. "Don't let's talk," he pleaded. "There isn't any conversation in the world as good as this." The waiter served them and withdrew, casting a curious glance behind.

Pleased with the respite, Alvarez hastily withdrew: and, in fact, the Cardinal's thoughts at that moment, and for that night, were bent upon other subjects than those of love. The interruption served, however, to shorten the conversation between Albornoz and his guest. The latter rose.

Lawson and Rogers, having advanced to a position within a dozen paces of the group in front of the sheriff's office, now backed away, silent, watchful. Other men who had been standing near were on the move instantly. Some dove into convenient doorways, others withdrew to a little distance down the street.

Anna is one of the most accomplished and beautiful women in either Vienna or Berlin. I hope so much that she will not have forgotten me altogether." They all drifted presently back to the bridge tables. Norgate, however, excused himself. He had some letters to write, he declared, and presently he withdrew to the little drawing-room.

Not to detain my readers unnecessarily, I will proceed directly to the accident which withdrew me from the scene. The apartment of the Princesse de Lamballe, in the Pavilion of Flora, looked from one side upon the Pont Royal. On the day of which I speak, a considerable quantity of combustibles had been thrown from the bridge into one of her rooms.

Suddenly she seemed to emerge to her own consciousness, upon a summit from which she could look down upon the turmoil in herself and beyond it, to where he stood. "Don't make a mistake," she said. "Don't." She thrust her hand for a fraction of an instant toward him, and then swiftly withdrew it, gathering herself together to meet what he might say. What he did say was simple, and easy to hear.

I put up my hand, and withdrew it moist. She saw the action. "One of the horses must have struck you with its hoof after you fell," she explained. "But I was more concerned for your other wound. I withdrew the sword with my own hands." That other wound she spoke of was now making itself felt as well.

He started for me, and as he did so, I bent down quickly and plunged my arm into the water. My fingers closed on the revolver just as he came bounding toward me. With a quick shove I pushed it far into the soft clay of the bank, and, grabbing a rock off the bottom of the creek, withdrew my arm from the water and slipped the rock into my pocket.