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But, you see, my notion is, to try to give my fam'ly the sort o' stuff that's nourishin'. Not just somethin' to eat, but food. I don't believe their stummicks realize they belong to poor folks. I'm not envyin' the rich, mind you. Dear no! I wouldn't be hired to clutter up my insides with the messes I see goin' up to the tables of some I work for.

Even there people looked up from their tables as we eight girls came in, dressed in our wood brown and green costumes, and we heard several low-voiced remarks, "They're probably Camp Fire Girls." We had a great deal of fun at dinner where we all sat at one big table. Sahwah and Hinpoha sat at the two ends and got into a dispute as to which end was the head of the table.

The other waiter fell too, but the sea was not deep enough to drown a couple of them. Then the customers, recovering themselves, decided that they must not be outclassed in this competition of havoc, and they overthrew the table and everything on it, and all the other tables and everything on all the other tables. The audience was now a field of artillery which nothing could silence.

They sat at small tables, and were served with cold chocolate and sweet cakes, by a pretty Mexican girl. Bob wanted to pay for the treat but Mr. Blowitz would not hear of it. In fact he played the host in such a genial way, and seemed so anxious to make every one have a good time, that the boys were rather ashamed of their first opinion of him.

There was no time to make mince pies, but then Mrs. Leverett didn't care so much for them early in the season. Hollis' family would come up, they would ask Aunt Priscilla, and maybe Cousin Winthrop would join them. So they were busy as possible. Little James took a great liking to his shy cousin Doris, and helped her say tables and spell.

Ricka thought this a wise thing to do, but Alma remonstrated. "The water will not come in. You need not be afraid. If it does, we will only run out into the street, leaving everything. Let us get breakfast now, the people are coming in to eat," and this very matter-of-fact young woman began laying the tables for the morning meal. It was six o'clock.

She looked at him puzzled. She had no idea what he meant. "If that child wasn't the child of sensible people, he'd have become famous he'd be what silly people call a medium." "Would he?" she said. "Do you mean that he can turn tables and do that sort of thing?" The doctor shook his head.

The chiefs of the Punjaub have proved faithless to their country, and there the British rule is maintained." "Thank God for that!" Bathurst exclaimed; "as long as the Punjaub holds out the tables may be turned. And the other Presidencies?" "Nothing as yet," Rujub said, in a tone of discontent. "Then you are against us, Rujub?" The man stopped. "Sahib, I know not what I wish now.

In the middle of the room there was a table which had once been large; but one flap of it was gone altogether, and the other flap sloped grievously towards the floor, the weakness of old age having fallen into its legs. There were two or three smaller tables about, but they stood propped against walls, thence obtaining a security which their own strength would not give them.

"She's having the tables turned on her without knowing it. Julien is doing her a lot of good. Already she's far less beneficent and bountiful and all that sort of stuff." "Lassie," said I, "what, if I may so express myself, is the big idea?" "Slang is an execrable thing from a professed scholar," she reproved. "However, the big idea is that Julien is really painting. And it's mine, that big idea."