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I tell you," said he, with a knowing nod of his head at the laughing Fleda, "those were first-rate pies!" "And then did you put the oven back again afterwards, grandpa?" "I guess not often, dear!" replied the old gentleman. "What do you think of such lawless proceedings, Miss Fleda?" said Mr. Carleton, laughing at or with her. "O, I like it," said Fleda.

I know nothing in any line but I would rather remain a nullity studying with serious intentions than profit of or repose upon some meaningless accidental achievement. Of all traits presumption is the most insufferable. Oh, how one is anxious to put one's finger in pies one is completely incapable of understanding."

The long walk had whetted his appetite, and the pies looked exceedingly tempting; but the shyness of childhood led him to say, "No, I thank you." When he had delivered his message, he lingered, and lingered, hoping they would ask him again. But the family were Quakers, and they understood yea to mean yea, and nay to mean nay.

I've picked the sorrel, an' I've got the brick oven all heated, an' I know what I want to do, an' I'm goin' to do it!" "I've got some pumpkin that would make full as good pies as sorrel, Cephas. Mebbe the sorrel will be real good. I ain't sayin' it won't, though I never heard of sorrel pies; but you know pumpkin is good, Cephas."

It may be some minutes before another such moving spectacle reawakens them to the world in which they dwell. For other children, they almost invariably show some intelligent sympathy. "There is a fine fellow making mud pies," they seem to say; "that I can understand, there is some sense in mud pies."

I used to know a boy, who afterwards grew to be a selectman, and brushed his hair straight up like General Jackson, and went to the legislature, where he always voted against every measure that was proposed, in the most honest manner, and got the reputation of being the "watch-dog of the treasury." Rats in the cellar were nothing to be compared to this boy for destructiveness in pies.

All the provisions we had taken with us on our day's voyage were consumed, except one loaf of bread and two pies, but a sufficient supply of the fish had been brought from the cutter to feed us for several meals. Of water the greatest necessity there was not a drop on Boatswain's Half-Acre.

You must have left three thousand behind you.” “Well, I’ve come to do the same again, do you see?” And he pulled out his roll of notes, and held them up before the innkeeper’s nose. “Now, listen and remember. In an hour’s time the wine will arrive, savories, pies, and sweetsbring them all up at once. That box Andrey has got is to be brought up at once, too.

"Young man," continued Dick, utterly unheeding the explanation, "young man, mebbee you onst had an ole a very ole mother, who, tottering down the vale o' years, made pies. Mebbee, and it's like your blank epicurean soul, ye turned up your nose on the ole woman, and went back on the pies, and on her! She that dandled ye when ye woz a baby, a little baby!

Mince meat for pies can be preserved for years if canned the same as fruit while hot, and put into glass jars and sealed perfectly tight, and set in a cool, dark place.