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The cutter soon got ahead of the other boats, and, as True Blue was anxious to get on board before he was discovered by the French, he kept on without waiting for them. True Blue was well aware of the dangerous character of the enterprise on which he was engaged.

"I will go," said Hermione, with alacrity. "Paul can stay with my aunt." "I would rather stay," answered Paul, whose reminiscences of the gallery were not of the most pleasant sort. So Professor Cutter and the young girl left the mosque, and with the guide ascended the dim staircase. "Papa wrote you the story, did he not?" asked Hermione. "Yes. This is the way they went up."

Towards evening, however, it came on to blow harder than before; so that at last we were obliged to up-helm and run for shelter into harbour; but just as we were bearing up, a sea struck the cutter, carried away our stern-boat, and stove in one of those on our quarter.

It is not thought safe to take her out, and there appears to be something so peculiar about her insanity that Cutter discourages the idea of the ordinary treatment of placing the patient in the company of other insane, giving them all manner of amusement, and so on.

On Saturday evening we sailed from Spithead; and the next morning, being about three leagues from Cape Barfleur, we saw two sail standing towards us from under Cherbourg, which I soon discovered to be a French frigate and a cutter. We were on the larboard tack with the wind off shore; I was happy in being able to keep between them and the land.

A hundred thousand dollars; so that was the fortune that had been scraped together by such hard dealing, and that Cutter himself had died for in the end! After supper Cuzak and I took a stroll in the orchard and sat down by the windmill to smoke. He told me his story as if it were my business to know it.

I was one of the crew of the second cutter then, and in the beautiful calm weather we used to take the doctor and the second luff out in this Sargassey Sea, which used to look sometimes as if we were floating about in green fields." "Oh, you mean the Sargasso Sea!" cried Rodd. "Nay, I don't, sir; I means the Sargassey Sea." "Well, that's the same thing, only you spell it differently," cried Rodd.

The cutter could be seen in the falling darkness under the spell of tide and wind, that for a moment held her bound, and tossing abreast of the ship. A yelling voice in her reached him faintly: 'Keep stroke, you young whelps, if you want to save anybody!

Smith went back to the relief vessel, the cutter took away her prize, and by night the vessels had all parted company, Jesse W. Smith's father to return to New York, and the yacht to proceed on her cruise, which, although somewhat shortened as to route, was to continue until the time originally set as to its duration.

When she awoke it was seven o'clock in the morning, and her cutter was creeping with a smart breeze about two miles an hour, a mile from Newhaven pier. The yacht had returned to Granton, and the yawls, very low in the water, were creeping along like snails, with both sails set. The news was in Edinburgh long before they landed. They had been discerned under Inch Keith at the dawn.

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