No sooner, too, had the hands jumped into the rigging and the studdingsail halliards and tacks been cast off by the watch on deck and the downhauls and sheets manned, than the "first luff," pitching his voice to yet a higher key, sang out in rapid sequence, "Topmast stu'ns'l downhaul haul taut clew up all down!" "Bosun's mate," he then cried, "turn the hands up!"

The bicycle boy calmly sat down to keep his eye on the runaway, calling out from time to time such cheering remarks as "All aboard for Liverpool! Give my love to Victoria! Luff and bear away when you come to Halifax!

And, being completely dominated by this spirit of impatience, it was a vexation to him to find that he would be unable to weather the island without making a board to the southward, for as he stood there at the tiller the whole island or at least as much of it as showed above the horizon loomed out as a misty grey blot against the star-lit heavens clear of the luff of his foresail.

Now, see how I'll manage Diggens," he added; "I want to get a luff purchase up out of the forecastle; will you just order two or three of your fellows forward, to go down and pass it up for me?" "D'ye hear there, forward," called out Diggens, with a very thick tongue. "Tumble down into that forecastle, three or four of you, and pass up the tackle for Mr. Marble."

"We will give them the other pennant." Another flag, a red pennant, was hoisted in place of the blue. "Wishing you a pleasant voyage," said Marah. "Now luff, my sons. That longboat will be on to us." Indeed, the longboat had crept to within six hundred yards of us; it was time we were moving, though the guns were no longer firing on us from the ships.

"Ah, Mr Long," said the latter, "what a lovely bunch of arums!" "Yes sir," said Tom, looking very red in the face; "they're for the mess table." "Your lotuses are lovely, Mr Midshipman Roberts," said Miss Linton, smilingly greeting the frank-faced lad. "Aren't they, Miss Linton?" said Bob. "I'm just going to send them aboard to the first luff; he's rather poorly."

They thought they'd got hold of this fine craft, nice little prize, for she'd sell well just as she stands after being condemned. Handy little bit of pocket-money for them in these days when the war is over. Rather a puzzler to them at first. The second luff that's what he was had never tackled a natural history craft before, and he wouldn't believe it.

We have determined to proceed to Weymouth Bay, and in so doing I have taken everything into consideration. We have eight men to attend to at Weymouth Bay. In all probability the three men here are dead, for when Jackey left them, Costigan was nearly dead, and Luff was very ill.

Luff a little, Bolton, luff," cried Captain Hull, while indicating with his hand what course to take. The "Pilgrim" was now only three cables' length from the wreck, and they could no longer doubt that this hull had been completely abandoned by all its crew. But, at that moment, Dick Sand made a gesture which imperiously demanded silence. "Listen, listen!" said he. Each listened.

"As the horses, or their immediate progenitors, had, however, come across the sea, it was but natural that they should understand them," observed Mark, when Dick shouted out occasionally, "Starboard Dobbin, lay the fore-topsail abaft, Bob;" "It's time to shorten sail, and bring the ship to an anchor;" or, "Luff, lad, luff, or you'll be into that tree on the lee bow."