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She has outgrown it now, and will have to have a new one next year. She hopes it is not too small for you. "If you want to know what Stockholm is like, you must think of islands and bridges, because the city is built on eight islands, and they are all connected by bridges with each other and with the mainland.

That General's force was, however, formidable, consisting of the Suffolks, West Yorks and Camerons, 5th Lancers, 2nd Imperial Light Horse, and 3rd Mounted Infantry, with eight field guns and three heavy pieces.

We must, therefore, watch and play a close game; for," he added with a sigh, "we two are equal, perhaps, to eight others; but we are not equal to the four that you know of." "That is true," said Porthos, echoing D'Artagnan's sigh. "Well, Porthos, follow my examples; walk back and forth till some news of our friends reaches us or till we are visited by a good idea.

Nothing but poverty hindered the adoption and execution of that plan. "Uncle Benjamin's" letter did this, however: it hastened a favorable decision, though Benjamin was eight years old when his parents decided that he might enter upon a course of education. They had said very little to their son about it, because they would not awaken his expectations to disappoint them.

I said worse luck, because I've been watching ever since eight o'clock, and seen nothing of her.

I was able to count up to ten; and when April Fool Day come round again, I says to myself, 'Now, old chap, you're one and a eight in it. April Fool Day after that, I says, 'Now, old chap, you're two and a eight in it. In course of time, I come to ten and a eight in it; two tens and a eight in it.

William I., Prince of Orange, was descended from the princely German house of Nassau, which had already flourished eight centuries, had long disputed the preeminence with Austria, and had given one Emperor to Germany.

We covered only eight or nine miles this second day on account of spending much time in digging out the depot at Safety Camp.

"Two months," bethought; "two months of besotted idleness. And I used to chase news from the Battery to the Bronx every day from eight to six! Murders, smallpox, East Side scraps, and Tammany Hall. Why in the hereafter can't they have a fire at the sanitarium, or something that I can wire in?"

"Like it?" said Archie complacently. "LIKE it! Why, it's gorgeous! It must have cost a fortune." "Oh, nothing to speak of. Just a few hard-earned pieces of eight. Just a few doubloons from the old oak chest." "But I didn't know there were any doubloons in the old oak chest." "Well, as a matter of fact," admitted Archie, "at one point in the proceedings there weren't.