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"You are an audacious man, to dare so to vilify such a person." "Heaven!" shrieked the mother, "she has lost her senses! An evil spirit speaks out of her." Dorothea bethought herself again; she saw the astonishment of those around her, and endeavoured to collect herself.

"I have been afraid lest I was humoring your whims too much; but unselfishness, and thought for the poor, have been such rare traits in the characteristics of my friends, I have not had a heart hard enough to interfere with your instincts." Here was an entirely new revelation to me; I bethought me of Mrs. Flaxman's remark a short time before, and repeated it to him.

When the sailors heard this they wondered that he should look so handsome, and bethought them how they might keep him with them. They began to wrangle as to who should be his master, but as soon as Bova perceived their intention, he told them not to quarrel for his sake, for that he would serve them all in turn.

As he was about to curl himself up trusting that if any night-prowling beast should come to play havoc among the farm stock the noise of the sheep and goats would surely awaken him he heard footsteps approaching. "So, my young watchdog," said the voice of the farmer Blair, "you have bethought yourself of your charge at last, eh?

So she raised the dainty wine-glass to her lips, and never once bethought herself to look at Abbie and notice how the color mounted and deepened on her face, nor how her glass remained untouched beside her plate.

"Good Lord, Skates!" said Captain Pharo, and put his hand in his pocket for his pipe, but bethought himself, and withdrew it, with a deep sigh. Elder Skates had looked at him with hope, but now again mechanically reiterated: "How can we escape trouble?" "We can't! we can't no way in this world!" said Captain Pharo. "Where in h ll did you scrape up them questions, Skates? Escape trouble?

Westby bethought him to ask the same question of Scarborough half an hour later, when they were dressing in the athletic house. “Mr. Upton has consented to serve,” said Scarborough gravely. Westby thumped himself down on a bench, dangling one spiked running shoe by the string. “What! Kiddy!” “The same,” said Scarborough.

Dick had the satisfaction of adding two dollars and a half to his deposits in the Savings Bank, and Fosdick commenced an account by depositing seventy-five cents. On Sunday morning Dick bethought himself of his promise to Mr. Greyson to come to the church on Fifth Avenue. To tell the truth, Dick recalled it with some regret.

Not long after they mixed libations in honour of Zeus, with pious rites as is customary, and poured them upon the burning tongues, and bethought them of sleep in the darkness.

He took out his pipe, looked at it, bethought himself of his promise and put it away again, substituting a chew of tobacco as large as his cheek would hold without prying his mouth open. "G'long, there can't you? You got your belly full of oil shake a wheel and show you're alive." After that, Casey spent every Sunday at Lucky Lode. He liked the widow better and better.

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