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Snooper had no sooner read the document than he uttered a piercing shriek and bit off a large chew of tobacco. "All is lost," he said. "What is that document?" asked Gladys. "Governor Hogg's message?" "It is not as bad as that," said Bertram, "but it deprives me of my entire fortune. But I care not for that, Gladys, since I have won you." "What is it? Speak, I implore you," said Gladys.

I'm certain she'll chew that up, but I want to see it actually done. So now, if you want to come along, Ned, we'll go cross country." "I'm with you!" "Get inside then. We'll let the dust and masonry blow and rattle off as we go along."

"You know d n' well what I mean: you're butting in on the Lawton affair. You've bitten off more than you can chew, and you'd better wise yourself up to that, here and now!" "Just what is the Lawton affair?" "Oh, stow that bluff! You know too much already, and if I followed my hunch, I'd scrag you now, to play safe. Dead men don't blab, as a rule though one may have, last night.

It is prepared for use by the seeds being pounded up and mixed with gidya ashes, which the gins chew until it obtains the proper consistency. It then resembles putty, and when not being used as chewing gum is carried by the blacks round their ears. If the native offers one a chew it is a sign of friendship and hospitality. This friendship was offered me, but declined with thanks.

Placing the two in an iron spoon, rudely made from a fragment of the decoys, they were gently melted, and a small quantity of sugar added, with enough powdered biscuit to enable the mass to be rolled into little balls. "You must chew these and swallow the tar-water thus formed, and finally the resins themselves, and you will find your cough much loosened by to-morrow."

"Oh, virtue!" This done, O'Flaherty retired, leaving Cudmore to dig among Greek roots, and chew over the cud of his misfortune.

The race goes to the young lady. But I'm not going to stand here and chew the thing over with you. It's up to the judges." They all approached the judges' stand, where apparently a lively argument was in progress. Ben and the big man who had been chosen by Norris were talking excitedly, and the other man was listening.

When I get in the pony's stall I'll call out and ask him not to chew me up with the grass." But the Candy Rabbit did not have to do this. For when Patrick began to take from the wheelbarrow the grass he had gathered for the pony, the gardener saw something gleaming in the sunshine amid the green stems. "Hello! what's this?" cried Patrick, leaning over to take a better look.

Hadn't Jimmy warned him not to move not even to open his mouth, or chew his cud, or wink? So Nimble stood like a statue. "I I see my new hat-rack is too high," Jimmy Rabbit stammered. "Let me take your hats and coats and I'll hang them up for you while you go and wait for the rest of the company over by the stone wall!" So Billy Woodchuck and Fatty Coon gave their hats and coats to Jimmy.

But most like he's after chewin'-gum for his squaw, and cigarettes for himself, with a bottle of red pop on the side. Injuns always buy red pop." "Cigarettes and chewing-gum?" "Sure thing! Didn't you ever see a squaw chew gum and smoke a tailor-made cigarette at the same time? You didn't, eh? Well, then, you got somethin' comin'." "Romance!" laughed Bartley.

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