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After the six years the deluge might come if it must; it was much pleasanter to drown in the end than never to have had the chance of swimming in the big stream at all, and bumping sides with the really big fish, and feeling oneself as good as any of them. Besides, Marcello was pale and thin, and had been heard to cough; he might die before he came of age.

A matter of so great importance" Madame's little brown aunt gave a faint cough from a dim corner of the room. "'Tis a beautiful night," she remarked, and stepped out on the balcony. Then the General asked his question. It was a very long question, or, maybe, repeated twice or thrice; for it was fully ten minutes before he moved out of the room, saying good-evening. Ah! old General Villivicencio.

The overstrain, the constant worry with luggage and so on, and perhaps the farewell drinking parties in Moscow, had brought on spitting of blood in the mornings, which induced something like depression, arousing gloomy thoughts, but towards the end of the journey it has left off; now I haven't even a cough.

No chance to drop a hand to a gun standing shoulder to shoulder with gizzards pressed against the bar; no chance to swerve or duck and make a quick sling of it and a quicker shot, with the bore of that big rifle ready to cough sixteen chunks of lead in half as many seconds, any one of them hitting hard enough to drill through them, man by man, down to the last head in the line.

Give two drachms of castor oil, and the fever ball with opium. The cough is worse, and the dog still continues to strain, no blood, however, appearing. '11th'. The opium and oil have had their desired effect, and the cough is better. '12th', Except the animal is kept under the influence of opium, the cough is dreadfully troublesome. I have, however, obtained one point.

We shall stay at home, and weep for Pivi! 'Wretched idiots! cried Kabo; 'Pivi was a scoundrel who broke my leg, and knocked me into the river. Then a little cough was heard at the door, and Kabo trembled, for he knew it was the cough of Pivi! 'Ah, dear Pivi! cried Kabo, rushing to the door. 'What joy! I was trying to console your dear wives. Pivi said not one word.

Fotheringham, and at once seized by a paroxysm of severe cough. Percy tried to assume a reassuring tone. 'Here, you see, I have brought him home with one of his bad colds. He will speak for himself presently. In a second she had placed the infant on the sofa, signed to Johnnie to watch him, and drawn the arm-chair to the fire.

Perhaps it was largely because he had heard other men cough like this, and that for generations his sledge-dog ancestors had heard men cough as Radisson coughed and had learned what followed it.

When the cough shakes my chest, I see Charon raise his oar and invite me also to enter his sable boat." "But you just assured me that you were doing well," observed the girl. "The cough alone makes me a little anxious. If you could only see for yourself what a beautiful colour the pure air has given your cheeks!"

The Miss Linnets, too, were beginning to take a new view of the future, entirely uncoloured by jealousy of Miss Eliza Pratt. 'Did you notice, said Mary, one afternoon when Mrs. Pettifer was taking tea with them 'did you notice that short dry cough of Mr. Tryan's yesterday? I think he looks worse and worse every week, and I only wish I knew his sister; I would write to her about him.