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Besides that, it was a clean, neat little room; bare to be sure, without even Barry's strip of rag carpet; but on a little black table lay Nettie's Bible and Sunday-school books; and each window had a chair; and a chest of drawers held all her little wardrobe and a great deal of room to spare besides; and the cot-bed in one corner was nicely made up.

"One place is very much like another." "To you. But I always hope for an adventure round the corner." "I've been round a lot of corners in my time, but I might almost as well have stuck to the club." "Of course you might!" She got up. "I must think about Charmian," she said, as she went casually out of the room. Mrs.

"'Well, sah, dey got in heah some way. I not fotched dem in. De fuss I seed dem, dey in de corner ob de tent all scrouched up, so I spose dey hidin' from de Sesh, and I jes' took 'em in to sabe dem. Yes, sah; dat's de way it war. "Ham retired behind a tent, and laughed immoderately, saying 'I spect he not keer bery much; I feels my way pretty good, I does.

There was something so bullying and brutal in the conduct of this man, that I felt called upon to interfere. "Come!" said I, addressing him, "you have no right to deprive this gentleman of his seat, much less in such a fashion." "Eh, mister? who asked you to open yer head? Ye up, I say!" and at the word, he seized the Mexican by the corner of his manga, as if to drag him from his seat.

He rose from his seat, but they did not leave the covered terrace. They moved on to the extremity, and then he stood hemming her in against a marble table in the corner. "In making this rather wild proposition, have you considered me at all?" "I have endeavoured to consider you, and you only." "And how have you done it?

Lighting a cigarette, he began placing from a box of supplies plates and food on the table in the middle of the room, but paused to reproduce his flask. With a sardonic grin he lifted the bottle, bowed to Janet and drank the liquor neat. When he had finished, he turned the bottle upside down to show it was empty, then tossed it into a corner. Again he fixed his drunken, mocking smile upon her.

"I'm here," answered he at last, coming out of Tarlton's room with a look of mixed embarrassment and effrontery. And as he was receiving Hardy's commission, Loveit saw the corner of the blue handkerchief hanging out of his pocket.

From that time, in all weathers, she waited there two hours. As the clock struck two, she was there, and at four she turned resignedly away. When it was not too wet or inclement for her child to be with her, they went together; at other times she was alone; but, she never missed a single day. It was the dark and dirty corner of a small winding street.

The corner of the western world in which it is still preserved being, of all countries in Europe, the most distant from the proper home of the parent tongue.

We found our way to Poets' Corner, however, and entered those holy precincts, which looked very dusky and grim in the smoky light. . . . . I was strongly impressed with the perception that very commonplace people compose the great bulk of society in the home of the illustrious dead.