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The slit travels from the top to the bottom and, the image on the plate being projected upside down, the bottom of the object appears on the top of the plate. For instance, the wheels are taken before the head of the driver. If the car is moving quickly, the image moves on the plate and each successive part is taken a little in advance of the last. The whole leans forward.

They're giddy palladiums of public schools." "They did, too by the time they'd finished," said McTurk. "As nice a pair of conscientious, well-meanin', upright, pure-souled boys as you'd ever want to meet, Padre. They turned the house upside down Harrison and Craye -with the best motives in the world." "They said so. 'They said it very loud and clear.

Pressing forwards they saw a boat floating upside down, and whirling about tumultuously in the racing and rain-swollen eddies of the mill-dam. A floating straw hat was already being sucked in by the gurgling rush of water that roared under the mighty circumference of the wheel, and for a moment they saw nothing more.

With their toastmaster thus restored to them, the baseball boys and their friends went merrily on with the dinner. There was much laughter and every one seemed talking at once of the fight with the Upside Down boys. "We've got to play a trick on them that will make this one fade out of sight," commented Bart. "We'll fix 'em!" "That's what we will!" exclaimed Fenn.

Jo Kettle sat down and pawed about for his mensuration book, which he studied for some time upside down. Then he extracted his box of instruments from his bag and set himself to do over again a proposition with which he had been familiar for weeks.

Larry Magee had coined one of his best whimsies on the subject of the shape of the captain's mustache. "No wonder," he said, "old Meagher never has any luck he wears his horseshoe upside down on his face!" Just as the two reporters, re-entering, took their seats the trial deputy spoke. "Is that all, Captain Meagher?" he asked sonorously. "That's all," said Meagher.

Seems like the whole world has turned upside down." Georgina waited a long time, but Belle seemed to have said all that she intended to say, so presently she walked over and stood beside the sink. "Belle," she said slowly, "does what you said mean that you're really willing I should tell Barby? Right away?"

If you will not see me, why then did you walk into my quiet house, and turn everything upside down? I shall come to-night, in the dusk, and wait in the heather, outside the fence. If you come, thank God! if you do not, I shall believe you could not, and come again and again and again, till hope is dead. But I warn you I am a terrible hoper.

Ruskin ought to be aided in his crusade against machinery, which turns the world upside down. The best that can be done with a man is the best that can be done with a plant-set him out in some favorable locality, or leave him where he happened to strike root, and there let him grow and mature in measure and quiet especially quiet as he may in God's sun and rain.

"I am a Candy Rabbit, and I guess I am going to be an Easter present," was the answer. And, surely enough, he was. Later that night Madeline's mother opened the closet door. The Candy Rabbit saw her take down the Glass Doll, tip her upside down and sprinkle a little perfume on her fingers, which she rubbed on her hair.

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