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They went into each other's arms without a word, and at last Ida Mary was able to cry, tears of sorrow and relief, with her face against his breast. I lay weak and ill, wasting from a slow fever. I slept fitfully, while streams of cool water went gurgling by, and cool lemonade, barrels of it. But every time I stooped to take a drink the barrels went rattling across the plain into a prairie fire.

The moisture upon the windows of the cars froze into innumerable fairy shapes; the crescent moon and a thousand stars shone brilliantly from a deep blue sky; auroras flashed and meteors flamed, and, as the fitful light glittered on many rushing gurgling streams, I had but to remember how very beautiful New England was, to give form and distinctness to the numerous shapes which we were hurrying past.

"Boo-h!" cried Vada, her round eyes sparkling as she reached Scipio's side. "Bo-oh!" echoed Jamie a second later, chuckling and gurgling a delight he had no other means of expressing at the moment. Scipio raised his haggard face. His unsmiling eyes, so pale and unmeaning, stared stupidly at the children.

Towards noon, his breathing became much oppressed and irregular, and he was evidently dying, the rattle in his throat commenced; and I watched at his bedside, waiting for his last grasp, when he again opened his eyes, and beckoning me, with an effort, to put my head close to him to hear what he had to say, he contrived in a sort of gurgling whisper, and with much difficulty, to utter "Peter, I'm going now not that the rattle in my throat is a sign of death: for I once knew a man to live with the rattle in his throat for six weeks."

Mary Ann made some startled, gurgling sound in reply. Five minutes afterwards Lancelot was in bed, denouncing himself as a vulgar beast. "I must have drunk too much whisky," he said to himself angrily. "Good heavens. Fancy sinking to Mary Ann.

Her eyes slowly opened to their fullest extent their expression of despair was absolutely frightful a low, gurgling, half-choking sob forced itself from between her lips, and ere a hand could be outstretched to save her, she fell, as if quickly dashed to the ground by no mortal power her piercing shriek of agony ringing through the court-house, with a fearful, prolonged cadence.

It flowed down the valley between high rocks, and, a few hundred yards below the pool, it ran straight against the face of a precipice and there terminated to all appearance; but a gurgling vortex in the deep water at the base of the cliff, and the disappearance of everything that entered it, showed that the stream found a subterranean passage.

His person was obese; his delivery of the words was mouthing, chewing, and gurgling; and he uttered the notes in tune, but without point, pathos, or passion; a steady lay-clerk from York or Durham Cathedral would have done a little better, because he would have been no colder at heart, and more exact in time, and would have sung clean; whereas this gentleman set his windpipe trembling, all through the business, as if palsy were passion.

"And that gurgling sound glou glou glou!" "Sounds like a bottle that is emptying itself " "There he comes to the surface!" "No, he sinks again!" Presently the slave rose and succeeded in keeping himself for a moment on the surface. His face was livid and distorted, his hair streaming, his eyes rolling back like the eyes of a man who has escaped drowning by some desperate effort.

But above their gurgling murmur there came a hoarser roar that shook the ground, reverberating through the damp air like the diapason of some mighty storm-piece. At daybreak he hurried up the cañon to find its source, plunging along through the rain until, on the edge of the bluff that looked out up the Alamo, he halted, astounded at the spectacle.

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