He knew perfectly well what she meant, and he knew perfectly well that he was utterly helpless before her accusation. "You know," said Clemency, still in her unnatural hard voice. "You killed her." "How?" "You know. You gave her more morphine, and her heart was weak. Emma overheard Uncle Tom say so, and that more morphine was dangerous. She might have been alive to-day if it had not been for you."

Madge felt exceedingly ill as she slowly wended her way homewards. Then for the first time she remembered that she must shortly become a mother. In her weak state Madge caught cold. She shivered incessantly. The poor child could not rise from her bed in the morning, her limbs were so stiff and her head so bad. She lay there all day, crying to herself.

The cheerful optimism which had made him a very popular practitioner seemed for the moment to have deserted him. "Your friend is in rather a curious state of health," he said slowly. "To tell you the truth, I scarcely know how to account for certain of his symptoms." I smiled. "He seems in a very weak state," I remarked supinely. "Is he a very old friend?" the doctor asked. "Why do you ask that?"

"I oughtn't to tell you if I knew, ought I?" And Miss Tita added, before I had time to reply to this, smiling dolefully, "Do you think we have any weak points?" "That's exactly what I'm asking. You would only have to mention them for me to respect them religiously."

Each new witness only added new testimony to the absurdity of a man's claiming to own another man's property because his farm had slid down on top of it. Then the Morgan lawyers made their speeches, and seemed to make singularly weak ones they did really nothing to help the Morgan cause.

Up 5 o'clock; found it so thick one could not get out of the tent. We are still very weak, but think we can do the twelve miles to our comrades in one long march. If only it would clear up for just one day we would not mind. This is the longest continuous blizzard I have ever been in. We have not had a travelling day for eleven days, and the amount of snow that has fallen is astonishing. Later.

Will you love her selfish, shirking, calculating nature after twenty years of close companionship? Do you love him because he is a man, and therefore, no matter how weak mentally, morally or physically he may be, he has vested in him the power to save you from the ignominy of an old maid's existence? Because you would rather be Mrs.

He had a weak face, covered with pimples, and the bridge of his nose was broken; but, despite these manifest facial defects, and notwithstanding the squalor of his surroundings, a very high collar and a red necktie gave him the unmistakable air of the cheap dandy.

But at the end of that time, behold, the earth began to be hard and dry again, for once more rain was wanted; and by degrees the growing plants failed for want of moisture and nourishment, and lost power and colour, and became weak and yellow in hue.

I'm an irresponsible creature with whom they can never be annoyed however exacting I am it's only pretty thoughtlessness on my part and they must never lose their tempers however I annoy it's only nerves. Oh, no, I like to be a poor, weak woman. 'You're a monster of cynicism, cried Dick.