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She went up into her own deserted room to gather the few things she would take with her the little jewellery case with the necklace of pearls which her great-grandmother had worn at her wedding. Rosetta and Mammy Easter were of no use, and she had sent them downstairs again. With a flutter she opened her wardrobe door, to take one last look at the gowns there. You will pardon her.

All the people of the village had deserted their homes and were enjoying themselves at the game. Outside one hut, however, a perplexed and forlorn phantom was sitting, and to my surprise I saw that he was dressed in European clothes.

"It ran from the pot in the mountains beyond." The Doctor looked incredulous. Then Concho related the whole story. "Could you find that spot again?" "Madre de Dios, yes, I have a mule there; may the devil fly away with her!" "And you say your comrades saw this?" "Why not?" "And you say they afterwards left you, deserted you?" "They did, ingrates!" The Doctor arose and shut his office door.

On the second day of our being in possession of the place, several negro slaves deserted from the enemy on the hill, and coming into the town, voluntarily entered into our service. One of these was well known to a gentleman on board, who remembered him formerly at Panama.

It was a ticklish situation. The Republicans had a bare majority in the Senate and if any of them deserted the organization it might mean Democratic control.

The circumstance of the water flowing freely in the house which was supposed to be deserted made an excuse for another remark, and a safe one. "I thought they cut the water off from empty houses; that is, houses supposed to be empty." And this time there was a bright look of arch amusement on her face instead of her former expression of outraged dignity. "So they do.

Altogether, it was deliciously calm and deserted; we did not meet a human being or a habitation for miles, as we wound along the secluded path, now up and now down, but on the whole gradually ascending, till we reached the summit of a hill larger and steeper than the rest. Here there stood a lonely house.

How often he had branded the soldier who deserted to the foe or rebelled against the orders of his commander as a base scoundrel and villain, and by his orders many a renegade from his standard had died a shameful death on the gallows under his own eyes. Was he now to commit the deed for which he had despised and killed others?

The fingers of others were frozen to the muskets they still held, depriving them of the motion necessary to keep up some degree of warmth and of life. We soon met with numbers of men belonging to all the different corps, sometimes singly, sometimes in troops. They had not basely deserted their colors: it was cold and exhaustion which had separated them from them.

Under a perfect conquest there would have been repose; whereas the presence of the English armies did but furnish a plea, masking itself in patriotism, for gatherings everywhere of lawless marauders; of soldiers that had deserted their banners; and of robbers by profession. This was the woe of France more even than the military dishonor.