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They were seated in intermingled fashion after the precedent of the recent Tin Pot Amalgamation and were smoking huge black cigars specially kept by the club for the promotion of companies and chargeable to expenses of organization at fifty cents a cigar. There was an air of deep peace brooding over the assembly, as among men who have accomplished a difficult and meritorious task.

Warm, how warm she was! her face was all one pink flush, but she did not feel it, she was so eager. "There," she said, "that will stand there nicely; and when the cold weather comes, you can take the pot up and take it into the house, just as it is; and if you do not let it freeze, it will have flowers for you in the winter." "Cold?" said Molly.

The old mother had resumed her spinning, casting from time to time a furtive and uneasy glance at the soldiers. Nothing was to be heard save the humming of the wheel, the crackling of the fire, and the singing of the water in the pot. But suddenly a strange noise a sound like the harsh breathing of some wild animal sniffing under the door-startled the occupants of the room.

"Indeed, then, you won't do that," said Annie; "Lizzie to come before me, John; and she can't stir a pot of brewis, and scarce knows a tongue from a ham, John, and says it makes no difference, because both are good to eat! Oh, Betty, what do you think of that to come of all her book-learning?"

This method is most interesting, for you can watch the daily progress of the growth of the roots, fascinating to young and old, and with three weekly plantings of a pot each this treat can be enjoyed twice a week from the 1st of February until May.

'I could not see you, for my port eye is as foggy as the Newfoundland banks, and has been ever since Long Sue Williams of the Point hove a quart pot at it in the Tiger inn nigh thirty year agone. How are you? All sound, alow and aloft? 'As well as might be, I answered. 'I have little to complain of. 'None of your standing rigging shot away! said he. 'No spars crippled?

"Why don't you put the onions and potatoes in the same pot with the beans? Maybe it will bring them luck," suggested Ben. "Do you think it would affect the flavor?" Billie asked eagerly.

There was always a halfpenny underneath the geranium pot in the window-sill for the child whose eye caught sight of the first swallow, redstart or sandpiper; or whose ear first recognised the clarion call of the cuckoo, or the evening "bleat" of the nightjar on the bracken-mantled fells at the end of May.

One bad result of the debt thus incurred was that the whole tone and spirit of the party was lowered. "It's too bad," growled Philosopher Jack one evening, as he strode into the tent and flung down his tools; "got barely enough to keep the pot boiling." "Better that than nothing," remarked Watty Wilkins, who was in the act of taking off his wet boots.

To this undertaking he forthwith addressed himself. Without difficulty he reached the ridge; standing on it he found that only by stretching his arm to the utmost could he grip the top of a chimney-pot. Had he the strength necessary to raise himself by such a hold? And suppose the pot broke?