Use deep custard plates; bake, rather slowly at first, until well thickened and nicely brown on top. From MRS. ANNIE L. Y. ORFF, of Missouri, Alternate Lady Manager. One cup milk; yolks of two eggs; four grated apples; small spoon of melted butter; one-half cup sugar; nutmeg to flavor; pinch of salt. Bake in one crust. Make a frosting with whites of eggs and two spoons of sugar. Brown delicately.

He made parting visits to the legendary dell, and to other delightful spots with which he had grown familiar; he climbed the tower again, and saw a sunset and a moonrise over the great valley; he drank, on the eve of his departure, one flask, and then another, of the Monte Beni Sunshine, and stored up its flavor in his memory as the standard of what is exquisite in wine.

Our nostrils grow young again with the thought and the flavor of the feast floats on the breezes of memory, even "across the waste of years" which lie between!

And here, in passing, one word on the onions and garlic, whose odor issues from the mouths of every Italian crowd, like the fumes from the maw of Fridolin's dragon. Everybody eats them in Italy; the upper classes show them to their dishes to give them a flavor, and the lower use them not only as a flavor, but as a food.

Do not use metal dishes, for the lactic acid acts upon various metals. Cover the dish so as to keep particles of matter in the air away, but the covering is not to be airtight. Put the dish in a warm place, but not in the sun. Milk that sours in the sun or in an air-tight bottle is generally of poor flavor. Clabbered milk is a good food.

These gar-fish of the North Sea were of comparatively small size, about fifteen inches in length, but of most delicious flavor. Their long and slim backbone being of a deep emerald green color, Captain Allen, with characteristic sagacity, concluded that these fish were poisonous and unwholesome, and banished them from the cabin.

The world is pretty quick, nowadays, to catch the flavor of true originality; if you write anything remarkable, the magazines and newspapers will find you out, as the school-boys find out where the ripe apples and pears are. Produce anything really good, and an intelligent editor will jump at it. Don't flatter yourself that any article of yours is rejected because you are unknown to fame.

"If you have no objection," she said, "we will finish one bottle, before we open another." Mrs. Wagner drank her small portion of wine at a draught. "It doesn't seem to keep well, after it has once been opened," she remarked, as she set down her glass. "The wine has quite lost the good flavor it had yesterday." "It ought to keep well," said Mr.

"In those days I don't know how it is now Pascalville was the greatest place for teaberries. They used them as a flavor for candy, ice-cream, puddings, cakes, and I don't know what else. They made summer drinks of it, and it was used as a perfume for home-made hair-washes and tooth-powder.

Prime in a personal sense I scarcely thought at all, there was a romantic flavor to the episode that stirred my imagination. So gay and light-hearted did I feel that Aunt Helen noted it, and alluded to the fact with pleasure as we sat together on the Friday evening previous to Mr. Prime's return. "I have good reason to be. I feel very happy to-night.