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From under the large hat of a large German lady, she peered eagerly, to lose no detail in approaching Monte Carlo. High at the right rose a terrace like a hanging garden, attached to a huge white hotel. In front of the building, and also very high, ran a long covered gallery where there appeared to be restaurants and shops.

Monte Cristo smiled significantly. "Stop," said Albert, "here he comes. I shall compliment Mademoiselle Danglars on her cameo, while the father talks to you." "If you compliment her at all, let it be on her voice, at least," said Monte Cristo. "No, every one would do that." "My dear viscount, you are dreadfully impertinent." Albert advanced towards Eugenie, smiling.

First and foremost there was the Monte Cristo ridge, that we had captured on the 18th, which gave us the Green Hill, Hlangwani Hill, and, when we chose to take it, the whole of the Hlangwani plateau. The Monte Cristo ridge is the centrepiece to the whole of this battle. As soon as we had won it I telegraphed to the Morning Post that now at last success was a distinct possibility.

Her father took off his hat with an almost wildly polite gesture, and said, in a loud voice: "Buona sera, signore." "Buona sera," replied Maurice, holding out his hand. Salvatore took it in a large grasp. "You are the signore who lives up on Monte Amato with the English lady?" "Yes." "I know. She has gone to Africa."

"The lady with whom you first came to Lacville I mean the Polish lady is well known to me by sight. For the last three years I have seen her at Monte Carlo in the winter, and at Spa and Aix-les-Bains in the summer. Of course I was not at all surprised to see her turn up here, but I confess, Madame, that I was very much astonished to see with her a" he hesitated a moment "a young English lady.

Orme said nothing, but he thought of looted South American treasuries, of exiled presidents squandering their official stealings at Paris and Monte Carlo, of concessions sold and sold again to rival foreign companies. They had now reached the park entrance. "There is a cab," said Alcatrante. "You will ride with me as far as your hotel?" "Thank you, no," said Orme. "I rather need the walk."

Say, what was the matter with you and Mac to-night? You didn't seem to hit it off." "Oh! we got along pretty good." "I never heard you talking much. By the way, he's going to take me to-morrow night, and you are going with Monte." "Any old way suits me!" said Nance, "just so I get there." But she lay awake for a time staring into the dark, thinking things over.

When she arrived at Monte Carlo on a beautiful day of sunshine, which seemed a good omen, Eve Dauntrey believed that at last luck had turned for her. She thought that the thing she had longed for, year after year, was coming at last; and she was proud of the plan she had made, proud of the way in which she had worked it out.

Conan Doyle's "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," "The Refugees," "The White company," "Micah Clarke" and "At the Sign of the four" will need no urging, nor will Dumas' "Count of Monte Cristo," "The Three guardsmen" and "The Black tulip." "Les Miserables" and "The Mill on the Floss" will fully satisfy the demand for "great troubles," treated in a masterly fashion.

"How have I deviated from those principles, monsieur?" asked Monte Cristo, who could not help looking at Morrel with so much intensity, that two or three times the young man had been unable to sustain that clear and piercing glance. "Why, it seems to me," replied Morrel, "that in delivering M. de Morcerf, whom you did not know, you did good to your neighbor and to society."