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It would have been strange if he had not been too much elated by his sudden success in the practice of a profession in which so very few win a speedy renown.

We had not the further advantage of music and banners. One thing favored the expedition, giving it an apparent assurance of success: it was well officered an officer to each man and a half. After marching about a mile we came into a neck of woods and crossed an intersecting road which showed no wheel-tracks, but was rich in hoof-prints.

It was while waiting on this spot that the fear-inspiring cry was raised: 'The enemy! Here come the enemy! Unwilling to believe their own doom for our insurgents still hoped for success in some negotiations for peace which had been carried on at Colinton they called out, 'They are some of our own.

And so it proceeded, getting stronger and stronger every year, till it came into collision with the Nation, and that Church of the Nation, which it began by professing especially to serve." The greater its success, the nearer was that collision at hand. The first threatenings of what was coming were heard in 1838.

Farinelli left the guidance of Porpora in 1724, and appeared in different European cities with a success which made him in three years a European celebrity. In 1727, while singing in Bologna, he met Bernacchi, at that time known as the "king of singers."

Well, the feast was a great success. The corned and tinned meat, oranges, tomatoes, cakes and gingerbeer provided were largely consumed.

Mad with unexpected triumph, our archer dragged his slain victim back to the car to meet the jeering company, and confounded them with his success. Loud were the shouts of joy; a war dance ensued to celebrate the great event. When done the merry party cranked up the machine and sped on its fragrant way, a happier and a more enlightened bevy of children.

Grant had had enough of an election contest to last him for some time, his success at Inverness had only been won by too hard fighting to be lightly thought of; while Sir Robert Peel freely confessed that the duties of Home Secretary were such as to prevent him from devoting sufficient time to the interests of so large and important a constituency as that of Liverpool.

I may perhaps be allowed to say a word or two here in reference to "The Coming Race," to the success of which book "Erewhon" has been very generally set down as due. This is a mistake, though a perfectly natural one.

He remembered how frankly he had always told Emilio of his little escapades, with what enthusiasm, in what copious detail. Always he had trusted Emilio. And now Emilio was trying to play him false worse, was making apparently a complete success of the attempt.