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Taking the scroll from its hiding-place once more he said, as he gave it into the messenger's hands: "Go first to Tanis, and if thou findest not the king in his capital, seek until thou dost find him. And have a care to thyself." Kenkenes hesitated a moment, and said at last: "It may be that I shall not return, but I would have my father know that I died not with the first-born.

Hahn went on bitterly. "My own niece on my wife's side, I put her in your care. I ask you to take it an interest in her. You promise me you will do your best. You tell me and Max Fried you will look after her" he hesitated, almost overcome by emotion "like a father. You said that when I bought the second bill. And what happens?

"I don't want any money, and I shall stay here." She hesitated, looked around her, and then added, with an effort, "I suppose you meant well. Be it so! Let bygones be by-gones. You said just now, 'It's the same old Teresa. So she is, and seeing she's the same she's better here than anywhere else." There was enough bitterness in her tone to call for Curson's half-perfunctory sympathy.

"We have met before," said Felicia looking at Clyde frankly. "Yes, 'back in the world, as the Bishop says," replied the young man, and his fingers trembled a little as they lay on the board he had been planing. "Yes." Felicia hesitated. "I am very glad to see you." "Are you?" The flush of pleasure mounted to the young carpenter's forehead.

"You must let me know if anything further comes to light. Letters will always be forwarded." Tuppence stared at him blankly. "You are going away?" "I told you. Don't you remember? To Scotland." "Yes, but I thought " The girl hesitated. Sir James shrugged his shoulders. "My dear young lady, I can do nothing more, I fear. Our clues have all ended in thin air.

"The Senor Perkins," he said, with an apologetic gesture of his hand to his hatless head. "You want ME, my good man?" asked Senor Perkins paternally. "Si, Senor; the mate wishes to see the Patrono," he said in Spanish. "I will come presently." The sailor hesitated. Senor Perkins took a step nearer to him benignantly. The man raised his eyes to Senor Perkins, and said, "Vigilancia."

There was grief, but no anger in his face, as he read it over for the second time. He sat thinking for a little while then drew towards him his inkstand and paper hesitated wrote a few lines and paused again, putting down the pen this time, and covering his eyes with his thin trembling hand.

The only boat on the lighthouse was a clumsily built jolly-boat, heavy enough to tax the strength of two strong men in ordinary weather, and here there was but an old man and a young girl to face a raging sea and a tide running dead against them. Darling hesitated to undertake anything so dangerous, but his daughter would hear of no delay.

Still she hesitated. "If I were sure " she began doubtfully. "You may be absolutely sure. There!" with a sigh of relief "that's settled. But, as I can see you're the kind of person whose conscientious scruples will begin to worry you the moment I'm gone" he smiled "my wife will write to you. Promise not to run away in the meantime?" "I promise," said Sara. She held out her hand. "And thank you."

"You'd better run, then," jeered Dave. "Your stomach won't allow any more fooling!" "Now, what ought I to say to a crank like Darry?" demanded Reade, turning to Prescott. "You'd better overwhelm him, by saying what the man on the clubhouse steps said," urged Dick. "And what was that?" asked Tom eagerly. "We-ell," hesitated Dick, "I believe that's still a secret."