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At two in the afternoon we were alongside the Sylvania. We merely put Washburn, Ben Bowman, Landy Perkins, and Hop Tossford on board of her, to run her down to Jacksonville, and kept on our way. But it was midnight when we made the wharf of the company that owned the Wetumpka. Except those in charge of the steamer, all were asleep.

Aint it so, Perkins?" addressing the young man before alluded to. "What were you talking about?" "Why, I was just saying to Julia that all different ideas entertained by different persons, were differences of opinion merely." "Do you mean to say, that there is no such thing as truth, or error?" "I do in the abstract."

'Which? said Mr Brindley. That one. 'Yes, I fancy it is, he negligently agreed. 'Yes, it is. 'It's not signed, I remarked. 'It ought to be, said Mr Brindley; then laughed, 'Too late now! 'How did it get here? 'Don't know. Oh! I think Mr Perkins won it in a raffle at a bazaar, and then hung it here. He did as he liked here, you know.

"It ain't It ain't that, is it?" he faltered, unable to utter the word that filled him with horror. Even Miss Perkins was momentarily touched by the anguish in the old man's voice.

It proved to be the Chalmette regiment, and, surrendering, the officers and men were paroled and the former allowed to retain their side-arms, "except," said Perkins, "one captain, whom I discovered was from New Hampshire. I took his sword away from him and have kept it!" Now Farragut came up in the Hartford and signalled the fleet to anchor.

He reached for the fat boy, but Chunky, with a new exertion of his strength, brought the tutor down to a sitting position. "Retreat in good order, while you have a chance!" called Walter Perkins. Three grinning faces met the fugitive at the tent. But Stacy bowled Walter over, leaped the foot that Rector extended to trip him, and then dashed for the shelter of the tall cedars, where he hid.

Walter Perkins, by this time, was laughing immoderately, while his companions were jolting Stacy between the shoulders and shaking him violently. "Stop pounding me, d'ye hear? Stop it, I tell you," cried Stacy, wriggling from their grasp, red of face, an expression of great indignation in his eyes. "Did you swallow a bone?" queried Ned. "Bone nothing."

The hurts of Perkins did not, unhappily, delay the progress of my uncle to that destruction to which his silly wife and knavish lawyer had destined him. His business was brought before the court by the claimants, Messrs. Banks & Tressell; and a brief period only was left him for putting in his answer.

"Stranger things happen in the native quarter, Maria," misquoted Mr. Perkins, "than are dreamt of by the Government official." True words! If we dared penetrate the labyrinths of the bazaar and stir with foolish finger the dust which lies thick upon immemorial custom, what should we not find?

Perkins had the prospect of a place, and was moreover a very amiable and well-disposed young fellow, she thought her niece could not do better than marry him; and Miss Gorgon thought so too. Now the public will be able to understand the meaning of that important conversation which is recorded at the very commencement of this history.