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Bob's jaw dropped, and he stared in astonishment at the fierce face before him, reading therein so much determination to carry the threat into effect that he subsided sulkily in his corner, and turned away his face, for every time he glanced at the other end of the carriage it was to see Peter grinning at him. "Ah!" said Peter at last; "it's a good job for us as Dan'l held you back.

"That's the word?" "Not say 'debble'?" said Pomp wonderingly. "Why not, missus?" "It isn't a good word." "Mammy says 'debble. She calls me little debble when I run away, and don't tote in de wood." "I shall tell her not to use it. It isn't a good word for anybody to use." "Hope you'll tell her so, missus," said Pomp, grinning and showing his teeth.

Julia watched them soberly, silently, as the years went by. One by one they told her of their wedding plans, and introduced the boyish, ill-shaven, grinning lads who were to be husbands and fathers soon. One by one Julia watched the pitifully gay little weddings, in rooms poisonous with foul air and crowded with noisy kinspeople.

Tancred looked up to reply, but the lady had disappeared. Fakredeen and the Rose of Sharon BEFORE Tancred could recover from his surprise, the kiosk was invaded by a crowd of little grinning negro pages, dressed in white tunics, with red caps and slippers.

"Because Cardew has got to get out of the mayoralty campaign. That's all." "That's a-plenty," said Pink, grinning. "Why don't you go and tell him so?" "I'm thinking of it. He hasn't a chance in the world, but he'll defeat Hendricks by splitting the vote, and let the other side in. And you know what that means." "I know it," Pink observed, "but Mr.

"But a mighty agreeable one," came from Spud, who had joined the crowd, while Tom hovered behind William Philander, grinning broadly over what was taking place. "Brill has wanted a really great pitcher for years.

Mick remained seated on his horse, bewildered-looking, staring first at Farmer, then at Dad. "Well?" Dad remarked, still grinning. Then Mick spoke feelingly. "YOU SWINDLING OLD CRAWLER!" he said, and galloped away. It was well for him he got a good start.

"The barrel isn't any use without the stock, Hans." "Oh! Baas," he answered, grinning, "do you think that I have shot with you all these years without knowing that a rifle must have a stock to hold it by?"

"Now, is it not strange," thought Robin, with his usual shrewdness, "is it not strange that the confession of an empty pocket should outweigh the name of my kinsman, Major Molineux? Oh, if I had one of those grinning rascals in the woods, where I and my oak sapling grew up together, I would teach him that my arm is heavy though my purse be light!"

She had rushed into the adventure of seeking her unknown kindred, the gypsies; and now she was in this strange lane, she hardly dared look on one side of her, lest she should see the diabolical blacksmith in his leathern apron grinning at her with arms akimbo.