He had founded the wonderful glass factories, and those of the Gobelins; he had raised, as though by a magic ring, the Royal Library over the gardens and galleries of Mazarin; and foreigners asked one another, in their surprise, what they must admire most in that monument, the interior pomp of the edifice or its rich collection of books, coins, and manuscripts.

As Rosny was also charged with the duty of formally congratulating King James, he proceeded upon his journey with remarkable pomp. He was accompanied by two hundred gentlemen of quality, specially attached to his embassy young city fops, as he himself described them, who were out of their element whenever they left the pavement of Paris and by an equal number of valets, grooms, and cooks.

"And execrable words," coolly observed Marmontel, to whom her Majesty had not addressed a single compliment. The most indifferent artists were permitted to have the honour of painting the Queen. A full-length portrait, representing her in all the pomp of royalty, was exhibited in the gallery of Versailles.

"And do you feel no excitement, Percy, in the hum and bustle the lights, the pomp of your native city?" "Yes; I am in the mart where all enjoyment may be purchased." "Ah, fie!" Godolphin drew his cloak round him, and put up the window. "These cursed east winds!" Very true they are the curse of the country! The carriage stopped at the stately portico of Erpingham House.

One thing, however, is certain, which is that out of the matters contained in these books, together with the assistance of some old stories, the Church has set up a system of religion very contradictory to the character of the person whose name it bears. It has set up a religion of pomp and reverence in pretended imitation of a person whose life was humility and poverty.

When they intended to assemble the army, this car was brought into the New Market, and delivered with pomp to the heads of the people.

In the early stage of my malady the splendours of my dreams were indeed chiefly architectural; and I beheld such pomp of cities and palaces as was never yet beheld by the waking eye, unless in the clouds. To architecture succeeded dreams of lakes and silvery expanses of water. The waters then changed their character from translucent lakes shining like mirrors they now became seas and oceans.

The Duchess lived for eighteen years happily with her husband, then spent more than twenty years in widowhood. She ended her long life at Gloucester House, Park Lane. At her earnest request, she was buried without pomp or show with her people in the family vault at Windsor.

I swear obedience in the name of all. MARY. What I, though poor and plundered, still possess, Of which I am allowed to make disposal, Shall be amongst you shared; for I have hope In this at least my will may be fulfilled. And what I wear upon my way to death Is yours nor envy me on this occasion The pomp of earth upon the road to heaven.

He was not a man to do homage to material gods, but the pomp and circumstance with which she was surrounded had had a sobering effect upon him, and added to his sense of the instability and unreality of the present moment.