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Why, you rival the Hecate' of the ancients, my good sir a merchant on the Mart, a magistrate in the Townhouse, a soldier on the Links quid non pro patria? But my business is with the justice; so let commerce and war go slumber." "Well, my good sir," said the Bailie, "and what commands have you for me?"

I thought you said it was jail sentence. 'Well, says I, 'it amounts to the same thing; she can't pay her fine, and that damn reform judge, wanting to make a record as a Spartan, has committed her to jail till it is paid! 'So they go free, and she goes to jail, because she is poor, says Mart. That's what your reform means, says I, 'or I let her and the boy loose and lose my job.

The father of the present Sultan of Pontiana was the descendant of an Arab, residing at Simpan, near Matan. By the advice and concurrence of the Dutch he was induced, about forty-two years ago, to settle on the unfrequented shores of the river Pontiana, or Quallo Londa, with promises of early coöperation and assistance, as well as of rendering it the mart of the trade and capital of all Sukadana.

"No use in letting that temper of yours run away with you, Luck. You know we all " "What did Bently Brown say? Did you put the proposition up to him as I suggested?" "Luck, you know I told you Brown wouldn't consider " "Say, Mart, get all those rambling words out of your system, and then call me up and tell me what I want to know!" And Luck hung up the receiver and went shivering back to bed.

"Can't be done, I guess, Mart," he confessed, ruefully. "You see, it works fine up to a certain point; but beyond that, nothing doing. I've just found out why and in so doing, I think I've made a contribution to science. At velocities well below that of light, light-waves are shifted a minute amount, you know.

In fact, it would perhaps be difficult to define "Mart" Colon's position in the house. Yet she was, as I said, becoming known among the young ladies outside as "Mattie Colson, that handsome young Colson's sister; as pretty as a doll, and a protege of that lovely Mrs. Roberts, you know."

This ugly way of Mart's had isolated them from all village intercourse early in their life on Cedar Hill. Like a buzzard's nest their home hung over the village on the unfriendly sides of the bleak slope. Visitors were few and always reluctant, even strangers, for the village told weird tales of Mart Brenner and his kin.

There were annual fairs at Three Rivers for the Indians of the St. Maurice region; at Sorel, for those of the Richelieu; and at Quebec and at Tadoussac, for the redskins of the Lower St. Lawrence. But Montreal, owing to its situation at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa trade routes, was by far the greatest fur mart of all.

There was something hearty, wholesome, and satisfying in this visit, and Bertha went away with increased liking for the McArdles. "I'm glad you gave them a boost, Mart," she said, as they left the house, "and you fixed it fine. Mac talked to me a half-hour explaining that you hadn't put it on a charity basis just sold the house on long time." "That was Lucius's idea. Wasn't it, Lucius?"

Whoever heard, Cecil Charnock Poynsett did, and felt as if the ground were giving way with her. The night, just like the night before, In terrors passed away, Nor did the demons vanish thence Before the dawn of day. The turmoil was over, the gains had been emptied into bags to be counted at leisure, the relics of the sale left to be disposed of through the Exchange and Mart.

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