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"See here, man," said he, "how about this here new railroad? Do we want it, or do we? Seems to me like we always got along here pretty well the way things was." Dan Anderson nodded again. Uncle Jim shifted from one large foot to the other, and thrust a great hand into the pocket of one trouser leg.

It turned out that the retreat began the evening of the 5th and continued all night. Satisfied that this would be the case, I did not permit the cavalry to participate in Meade's useless advance, but shifted it out toward the left to the road running from Deatonsville to Rice's station, Crook leading and Merritt close up.

At ten in the morning the wind had shifted to north-east, and blew, if possible, harder than before, accompanied by a much heavier swell of the sea; it was therefore judged advisable to pay out more cable, in order to lessen the danger of its giving way.

Some duties have been lowered, but the change has been slight. The schedule remains nearly the same, but the burden has been shifted. Senator Nelson W. Aldrich. There are reductions more, numerically, than increases but the reductions are effectively modified by shifted classifications.

She shifted her tackle from rapid to still water, from still water to rippling falls, and she changed her hooks but with no better results. She asked the boys at Börje's and at Eric's if they were not the ones who got up with the lark and carried off her fish. But a question like that the boys would not deign to answer.

After that, the conversation was shifted to lighter subjects. Even Dan, in the joy of meeting two girl friends from home, began to be less conscious of his load of misery. Presently Mrs. Meade came down. She chatted with the two fine-looking young midshipmen for a few moments.

They shifted from beneath it instinctively, but they fought deliriously on. And at that the man with the whip completely lost his self-control. He set to work to thrash and thrash the fighting animals till one or other of them or himself should become exhausted.

There the railroad from Durban comes in, and, if its carrying capacity were adequate, which is doubtful, would enable the chief base of operations and main line of communications to be shifted to the nearer locality, retaining the Cape road only as secondary.

These pressures and attractions can be sustained at will, or quickly shifted from place to place.

Now the wind shifted to the north; the clouds crept across the sky leaden and low; a heavy snowfall descended upon them; and it seemed that winter was returning. Charles was only the more anxious to reach the island, and crowded on canvas. But the bending masts and crashing seas finally made him reef his sails, and his little ship for several days beat her difficult way northward.