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On the following morning, that of the 5th of August, they started at dawn, passing the canal of Yucura, belonging to the tangled system of lakes and furos of the Rio Zapura, and on the morning of the 6th of August they reached the entrance to Lake Miana. No fresh incident occurred in the life on board, which proceeded with almost methodical regularity.

Present my most affectionate respects to Madame d'Ayen, and the Marshal de Noailles; a thousand kind regards to all my sisters, the Abbe Fayon, and M. de Margelay. I embrace ten thousand times our beloved children. Adieu, adieu. December 5th, 1781.

At Bickley Hall, taken down a few years ago, used to be shown the room where the body of the Earl of Leicester was laid for a whole twelvemonth, 1659 to 1660, he having been kept unburied all that time, owing to a dispute which of his heirs should pay his funeral expenses. November 5th. We all, together with Mr. Squarey, went to Chester last Sunday, and attended the cathedral service.

On Sunday, the 5th of August, the very last Sunday which he was ever to behold as the acknowledged sovereign of the land, his levee was attended by a more than usually numerous and brilliant company; though the gayety appropriate to such a scene was on this occasion clouded over by the anxiety for their royal master and mistress which sobered every one's demeanor, and spread a gloom over every countenance.

The 5th article also provides, that the states may propose any alterations which they see fit, and that Congress shall take measures for having them carried into effect.

The assault was delivered on the 5th and 6th of November, and everywhere repulsed, exhausted as the besieged were. "Those who were sick and laid up in their huts appeared on the bastions.

My wife an unquiet night. This day Gilsthrop is buried, who hath made all the late discourse of the great discovery of L65,000, of which the King bath been wronged. 5th. At the office all the morning, do hear that Will Pen, Sir W. Pen's son, is come from Ireland, but I have not seen him yet.

Dear sir, I did not say but they all did; and if they did, the question is, does that prove his doctrine not of God? Here, sir, you will see, if you look one moment, that you were off, far off from the subject. 5th. I find the scriptures of our blessed Lord and Saviour quoted with a manifest design to limit his grace and salvation.

Tell him that if he wishes to reside in my States he shall be well received, though he brought desolation there. I shall always remember the friendship which united us. He shall have the island of Elba, or something else." After taking leave of the Emperor Alexander, on the 5th of April, Napoleon's Commissioners returned to Fontainebleau to render an account of their mission.

So wants half an hour of the 5th. Dream on. Salutem. Bristol, 14th September, 1795. Saturday night I lodged at Elizabethtown, and, after two wettings, dined on Sunday with General Freelinghuysen. The family is a picture of cheerfullness and happiness.