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George was shocked. Coming on the rest, it absolutely bewildered him. He sat silent perforce. Helen saw it, and yielded to a moment's annoyance with herself, but presently resumed: "I have given you the advantage, George, and wronged myself. But I don't care MUCH. I shall only take the better courage to speak my mind.

His majesty hath wronged me, but throned or prisoned he is my king still the church must come down, Charles. The dead are for the living, and will not cry out. For in St. Cadocus' church lay the tombs of his ancestors. On deliberation it was resolved, however, that only the tower, which commanded some portions of the castle, should fall.

He had, he said, forgiven all who ever wronged him, and he had now no feeling of anger or unkindness left towards any one, for all seemed kind to him beyond his deserts, and like brothers and sisters.

Hardly was the great European tragedy ended, when Alexander again turned sorrowfully toward the wronged millions of his Empire. He found that progress in civilization had but made the condition of the serfs worse. The sight of these wrongs roused him. He seized a cross, and swore upon it that the serf-system should be abolished. Straightway a great and good plan was prepared.

"The day before she died, and when her recovery was thought to be impossible, he came with a prepared will and witnesses, which in their presence he almost forced her to sign: in this will I was greatly wronged, and this brother has tauntingly told me the cause of this was my being the means of prejudicing our mother against him.

Piers went like an automaton, but he could not utter a word. His mouth felt parched, his tongue powerless. Avery! Avery! The woman he had wronged the woman he worshipped so madly for whom his whole being mental and physical craved desperately, yearning, unceasingly, without whom he lived in a torture that was never dormant! Avery! Avery! Was she lying dead behind that lighted window?

When he came home, I learnt, to my dismay, that it might be rather more than a month before he was able to send you a cheque. I said: "Oh, I must write again to Miss Shepperson. I can't bear to think of misleading her." Then, as we talked, that idea came to me. As I think you will believe, Miss Shepperson, I am not a scheming or a selfish woman; never, never have I wronged any one in my life.

But she cherished this desire only a few moments. Then the angry, wronged heart rebelled against such humiliation. She had not so shame fully offended the Emperor, but the lover, and it was his place to entreat her not to withdraw the love which made him happy. The young girl raised her head with fresh courage. What had happened more than she had expected?

It seems to have been composed by Xenophon under feelings of acute personal disappointment, and probably in refutation of calumnies against himself as if he had wronged the army. Hence we may trace in it a tone of exaggerated querulousness, and complaint that the soldiers were ungrateful to him.

He addressed me, and I replied out of common politeness," with a sidelong glance at Max, who stood with folded arms, watching her gravely. The duke threw his hands above his head as if to call Heaven to witness that he was a very much wronged man. "Arnheim," he said to the young colonel, "go at once for a priest." "A priest!" echoed the prince.