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"Do you read my books?" The other began a halting answer to the effect that everybody read Conrad Lagrange's books. But the distinguished author interrupted; "Don't take the trouble to lie out of politeness. I shall ask you to tell me about them and you will be in a hole." The young man laughed as he said, with straight-forward frankness, "I have read only one, Mr. Lagrange." "Which one?"

Politeness, dear, consists in seeming to forget ourselves for others; with many it is social cant, laid aside when personal self-interest shows its cloven-foot; a noble then becomes ignoble. But and this is what I want you to practise, Felix true politeness involves a Christian principle; it is the flower of Love, it requires that we forget ourselves really.

Politeness is so universal here that when we get back we shall either be so civil that you won't know us, or else we shall be so irritated that nobody is sufficiently civil that you won't know us either. Mr. X took me in his car and brought me back. When we got to the hall there were five maids bowing and smiling to get our slippers and hang up our coats and hats.

Thus for another moment they were alone together, but it was Stella who seized it. "There go!" she said. "You must go," and in the same breath she added: "Married yet?" "No," answered Thresk. "Still too busy getting on?" "That's not the reason" and he lowered his voice to a whisper "Stella." Again she laughed in frank and utter disbelief. "Nor is Stella. That's mere politeness and good manners.

Emelie, the Colonel's widow, was elegant in the highest degree; looked handsome, and distinguished, and almost outdid herself in politeness; but still Elise, spite even of herself, felt stiff and stupid by the side of her husband's "old flame." Beyond this, she had now a great distraction.

In a very little there will be not one of your people in the land, only the Bada-Mawidi, and others whom I do not name." "That is a still older story. I have heard it since I was in my mother's arms. Do you think to frighten me by such a tale?" "Let us not talk of fear," said the chief with some politeness.

'What do you say, sir? demanded Mr Lammle, seeming too furious to understand. 'I beg your pardon, repeated Fledgeby. 'Repeat your words louder, sir. The just indignation of a gentleman has sent the blood boiling to my head. I don't hear you. 'I say, repeated Fledgeby, with laborious explanatory politeness, 'I beg your pardon. Mr Lammle paused.

The bright, hazel eyes were entirely free from any hint of pain, and his voice held nothing more than conventional politeness. Sara meekly accepted one of the cakes in question, and for a little while the conversation ran on stereotyped lines. Presently, when tea was over, he offered her a cigarette. "I have not forgotten your tastes, you see," he said, smiling. "I do smoke," she admitted.

In order, therefore, to follow his injunctions to the letter, I strolled out toward the Place in search of the tailor, and also to deliver a letter from Waller to the chamberlain, to provide me with a card for the ball. Monsieur Schnetz, who was the very pinnacle of politeness, was nevertheless, in fact, nearly as untractable as my host of the "Cross."

'Oh, I wanted to I wanted you to tell me that. 'Our young lady is anxious to learn, Punin observed from the sofa. When I went out into the passage Musa accompanied me, not, of course, from politeness, but with the same malicious intent. I asked her, as I took leave, 'Can you really love him so much? 'Whether I love him, or whether I don't, that's my affair, she answered.