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Hardy, Mainsail, Flick, and Goffe; and at this meeting, among other matters of business, mention was made of the debt due by the Countess to Daniel Thwaite. Of this debt the Solicitor-General had not as yet heard, though he had heard of the devoted friendship of the old tailor.

"But I always have to call you," said the Tailor. "We get back to bed again," said the boys. "But how was it you never did it before?" asked the Tailor doubtfully. "We were idle, we were idle," said Tommy. The Tailor's voice rose to a pitch of desperation "But if you did the work," he shouted, "where is the Brownie?" "Here!" cried the boys, "and we are very sorry that we were Boggarts so long."

The immaculate elegance of his apparel challenged notice by a flawlessness which went beyond the art of the tailor who clothed him and assumed a distinction as though it had been the belted uniform of a field marshal. Though pronounced the best-dressed man in New York, he escaped all seeming of foppishness.

The next morning we were up before break of day, and mounted on some small horses, almost hid by their gaily-coloured saddle-cloths and trappings. And such saddles! Rising up in peaks ahead and astern, a drunken tailor could not have tumbled off one of them had he tried. I do not remember much about the appearance of the country.

"During that time I have prepared the ground and sowed the seed in men's minds as well as in the land. Henceforward industrial progress could not be stayed, the population was bound to go forward. A second epoch was about to begin. This little world very soon desired to be better clad. A shoemaker came, and with him a haberdasher, a tailor, and a hatter.

He gave himself out at the inn as an American merchant, and went out to begin his inquiries. Tearing two buttons off his coat, he entered the shop of the village tailor. "Good-morning," said he, civilly. "Good-morning, Sir; fine morning, Sir," answered the tailor, volubly.

"Nor with his habits?" my wife went on. "No." "Nor with his ways of thinking?" "No. But, Ethelwyn, you know what I mean quite well. His family, you know." "Well, is his father not a respectable man?" "Oh, yes, certainly. Thoroughly respectable." "He wouldn't borrow money of his tailor instead of paying for his clothes, would he?" "Certainly not"

The character I mean was that of a tailor; which, if we consider it with due attention, must be confessed to have in it great dignity and importance. For, in reality, who constitutes the different degrees between men but the tailor? the prince indeed gives the title, but it is the tailor who makes the man.

The African magician, who was a good physiognomist, observing in Aladdin's countenance something absolutely necessary for the execution of the design he was engaged in, inquired artfully about his family, who he was, and what were his inclinations; and when he had learned all he desired to know, went up to him, and taking him aside from his comrades, said, "Child, was not your father called Mustapha the tailor?"

The children all stood round her while she was being dressed, and shouted with admiration each time some new detail of the princess's attire was added. Helios begged to be allowed to feel her dress, and after satisfying herself that his little hands were clean she stroked them over the glistening white silk. She had now advanced so far that her father and the tailor could be called in.

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