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And then, as the appetites of the men are sated by the hardy provender of Uncle Sam, varied, as in this instance, by Virginia venison, and they respectively fall back and take to "Sublime Tobacco! glorious in a pipe;"

It was indeed a favourite camping spot, and the village was inhabited by a hardy, independent set of Gwallas, Koormees, and agriculturists, with whom I was a prime favourite. I was sitting in my tent, going over some village accounts with the village putwarrie, and my gomasta.

We fell in with many fishing vessels riding at anchor in thirty fathoms of water, the hardy crews of which, rigged out in their "boots and barvels," were busily engaged in their useful but arduous occupation.

When after several evenings of intense listening she heard no call from the darkness in the orchard, she was half beside herself with grief and decided that for her there was no way to break through the wall that had shut her off from the joy of life. And then on a Monday evening two or three weeks after the writing of the note, John Hardy came for her.

"For one day more the fallen sovereign rested at Bellevue to meditate on the caprices of fortune or the decrees of fate. But that day, at the head of a splendid company of princes and generals, King William, crossing the bridge of Donchery, rode throughout the whole vast extent of the German lines, to greet his hardy warriors and be greeted by them on the very scene of their victories.

He imagined this would prove a thunderbolt; but Hardy calmly asked: "How do you know that?" "Because she told me, that's how! And if only the gol darn fool would do it like I want him to " He addressed himself suddenly to his nephew, who now stood on the other side of the table: "Aw, come on. Be a good feller, won't you?" Again this outlandish interfering on the part of Uncle Henry!

For the dead in Art may well be likened to the hardy pioneers of our own country, who have successively cleared before us the swamps and forests that would have obstructed our progress, and opened to us lands which the efforts of no individual, however persevering, would enable him to reach. Aphorisms. Sentences Written by Mr. Allston on the Walls of His Studio.

A fortnight passed without the slightest incident or alarm. The rules which Mr. Hardy had laid down were strictly observed. The sheep and cattle were carefully secured at night; two or three of the native dogs were fastened up, down at the fold; one of the mastiffs was kept at the men's hut, while the other's kennel was placed by the house; the retrievers, as usual, sleeping indoors.

As he swung round the first corner he waved something that looked strangely like a club in a kind of farewell salute. Alice Weston had risen. The undersheriff grabbed the reins of the horse nearest him and mounted. Hardy ran to the other horse. Side by side they raced down the street and disappeared round a corner. "What is it?" queried Alice Weston. Waring still sat on the steps.

'Thank you, she said, wondering if this was to be all she should hear about it. 'I am going by the afternoon train, he added; 'I have been over to Blewer. It is true, Ethel, the fellow can't stand it! he has sent down a manager, and is always in London! Most likely to dispose of it by private contract there, they say. 'And what has become of old Hardy?

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