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At such moments Kolya would either stare out of the window scowling, or would investigate the state of his boots, or would shout angrily forPerezvon,” the big, shaggy, mangy dog, which he had picked up a month before, brought home, and kept for some reason secretly indoors, not showing him to any of his schoolfellows.

She even debated whether it would be advisable to open the summer-house door, bolt across the lawn, and trust to luck that the matter was not reported at the College. She had her hand on the latch when the feminine voice outside remarked: "It's getting chilly, Donald!" "Don't catch cold, darling!" with tender solicitude. "Would you rather go indoors?"

They are better able to judge than we are whether their presence has any significance or not." "All right, little one," I answered, as we went indoors. "You have been over-excited by all these wild doings, and you need a sound night's rest to compose you.

Growing children, as a rule, take more exercise than this, while most men working indoors take far less, and many women take less exercise than men. Exercise may be varied in many ways, the more the better; but for the most part it should always be taken in the open air. Time for Exercise. It is not prudent to do hard work or take severe exercise, just before or just after a full meal.

Don nodded eagerly. "All right; I'll be around at one o'clock." He turned on his heel and was gone. Don went indoors dejectedly. Barbara was mixing biscuit batter in the kitchen. He stood in the doorway and blurted out the doings of the past few days. "Nothing there to worry about," Barbara said brightly. "Be honest, now. How did Tim act a couple of months ago whenever anything displeased him?"

It is much warmer within doors, than it is in the open air, fire or no fire." "There are many reasons for that, Captain Gar'ner," answered the mate. "So many bodies in so small a space, the shelter from the wind and outer air, and the snow banks, all help us. I think we shall find the thermometer indoors at a pretty comfortable figure this morning."

October proved to be, that year, a particularly warm, delightful month, and as the golden days came and went, it was soon very evident that to keep up with Pollyanna's eager little feet was a task which would consume altogether too much of somebody's time and patience; and, while Mrs. To keep the child indoors all through those glorious October afternoons was, of course, out of the question.

There was a continual flutter of women's dresses and emotions, and this did not end even when the piano, disclosed from its casing and all its wraps, was pushed indoors, and placed against the parlor wall, where a flash of lamp-light revealed it to Gaites in final position.

No one seemed to have thought of her, or of offering to help, except Nan dear, good, thoughtless, and yet most thoughtful of Nans; and here she came, flying three steps at a time, upstairs to the rescue. "Oh, you are here! I've been searching downstairs. Out you go! If there's anything to do indoors, I'll do it. Your place is in the garden."

A few dark-faced children were in sight here and there, but the older persons were all evidently comfortably indoors, slumbering through the noonday heat. Further on the houses were closer together, and at length Bud announced that they were nearing the main street, one end of which crossed the road they were on at right angles. "That rickety old shack there is just on the corner," he explained.

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