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He gave a quick glance at the door, and saw with relief that the key was in the lock, and that the bolt prevented anybody coming in unexpectedly. Then he gazed once more at the body of his friend, which lay in such a helpless-looking attitude upon the floor.

It was perfectly new, and this was probably its first trip on the road. The lock was of simple construction. It should be easy to find a key to fit it, and one of mine, with a little filing, did the trick. The bolt shot back, and Indiman unhesitatingly threw up the lid.

Then he said softly, "Madonna mia, how gray he has grown!" We all three uncovered our heads; the carriage advanced slowly through the crowd, who shouted and waved their hats. I looked at the elder Coretti. He seemed to me another man; he seemed to have become taller, graver, rather pale, and fastened bolt upright against the pillar.

He then remembered that on the car he had been leaning on an iron bolt, and therefore what he had experienced was doubtless a spontaneous muscular contraction excited by the pressure. Touches felt on awakening in correspondence with a dream are not so very uncommon.

Tom Edwards, a young foretopman, had the lee lookout, and as seven bells struck he sang out, 'Lee cat-head; but the last syllable died away on his lips as his eyes rested upon an object a white object standing bolt upright in the water before him, about a hundred yards distant and broad off on the lee bow.

Before I had finished he had my hand in both of his nay, had thrown one great arm protectingly about me. "Why, Peter " he began, in a strangely cracked voice, "oh! man as I love! never think as I'd believe their lies, an' Peter such fighters as you an' me! a match for double their number let's make a bolt for it ecod! I want to hit somebody.

Seeing them so comfortably off, the son of seven mothers started with a light heart to marry the Princess; but when passing the white hind's palace he could not resist sending a bolt at some pigeons which were cooing on the parapet, and for the third time one fell dead just beneath the window where the white Queen was sitting.

As it was, however, the pursuing warrior was dumbfounded, and he stopped as suddenly as if smitten by a bolt from heaven. Leaving his mustang to look out for himself, he darted to the opposite side of the ravine from that taken by the lad, for the purpose of securing cover before a second volley could be fired.

Instead, they came straight to where she stood. She stepped inside and slammed the door, holding it and feeling about in vain for lock or bolt. She then espied a ladder which gave to the roof top, and up this she climbed.

Bud had spent the hour in regaling Bonner with the story of Rosalie Gray's abduction and his own heroic conduct in connection with the case. He confessed that he had knocked one of the villains down, but they were too many for him. Bonner listened politely and then put the hero to bed. Bonner dozed off at midnight. An hour or so later he suddenly sat bolt upright, wide awake and alert.

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